Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Club Fitting

TopGolf Alexandria is a Callaway Golf Specific Fitting Center. However, we can assist in getting anyone fit with needed specifications toward any brand of product. We can only order Callaway products.

TopGolf Iron Fitting

The goal of TopGolf iron fitting is to provide the player with the best iron model and custom specifications to increase performance through accuracy, shot making ability and distance control.

TopGolf Driver Fitting 

The goal of TopGolf Dynamic Driver Fitting is to maximize distance and accuracy by selecting a driver that helps the player achieve ideal launch conditions. Launch conditions, which are affected by changing equipment specifications, consist of ball speed, launch angle, back spin and side spin.

A TopGolf Driver Fitting will test and analyze a player's launch conditions and recommend the proper model, loft, shaft, shaft flex and shaft length for the player. We use Flight Scope for all Club Fittings.



Flight Scope Kudu Launch Monitor

Unlike limitations on Camera based systems, Flight Scope directly measures the true 3D track of the club and the ball, including the launch conditions and ball spin at accuracies never before achieved. More than a launch monitor, Flight Scope not only determines the launch conditions of a golf ball, but also tracks the ball flight during it's flight to provide unsurpassed data about the launch and resultant ball trajectory.

To set up an appointment call 703-624-8389.



Full Bag Fit $100

Iron fit or Driver fit $50

*If you purchase product, the cost of fitting is free.