There's a game for everyone

There's a game for everyone


Perfect for leveling the playing field, this game allows beginner and experienced golfers to compete with each other. Players are split into teams, and the best score on each ball is used as the score for the team. The closer to the center and further the target, the more points your team earns. 


TopGolfA great game for any skill level! If you can bowl or play darts, you can play TopGolf. Score points by hitting balls (assigned to you using our microchip technology) into any target. The closer to the center and the farther the distance you hit the ball, the more points you earn. If your ball reaches any shaded area, your next ball is eligible for double points. 


TopScorePoints are multiplied in this high-scoring version of TopGolf that rewards you for going big. The farther the target you hit and the closer you get to the center flag, the more points you’ll receive. For example, hit the center of the white target, and you’ll receive 60 points (6 points for hitting the center section and a point multiplier of 10 for the white target).

TopChipUse those wedges and sharpen your short game! This game uses just the red target (five shots), yellow target (five shots) and green target (10 shots). Hit the correct target and you’ll score points, but hit the wrong target and watch your points disappear.


TopPressureSee how you perform under pressure, and test your touch and accuracy by hitting all nine sections within the yellow target. Feeling good because you closed out the whole target? Not so fast! There are two more levels with points worth 2X and 10X the section amount. Be careful not to hit the same section twice in these levels or you'll lose points.

TopShotSimilar to TopChip, this game challenges you to hit the targets at four consecutive distances (five shots each). The starting point you choose (red, yellow, green or brown target) determines the game’s level of difficulty. Reach the correct target and you’ll score points, but hit the wrong target and say goodbye to those points..

TopDriveShow your driver who’s boss and take aim at just the pink and black targets. Not for the faint of heart, this game challenges even the most experienced golfers.