Upcoming Dates and Times Below

Upcoming Dates and Times Below


TopGolf league play is a great way to meet fellow TopGolfers and, of course, win cash prizes! Our leagues are handicapped to level the playing field, so don't worry about your scores being high enough.

Our spring league is already underway, so start practicing with your friends so you're ready for the upcoming summer league. If you'd like us to notify you as soon as registration opens, just submit your email address below.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Entry Fee: $40 per 2-person team and $80 per 4-person team
  • Weekly Fees: $20 per person for Lifetime Members, $10 per person for Gold Members and Free for Platinum Members*

What Do I Get if I Win?

The entry fee will be pooled and split up accordingly to the top finishing teams (depending on league size) after the last playoff game. An example of prizing payouts:

  • 1st place - 30%
  • 2nd place - 20%
  • 3rd place - 15%
  • 4th place - 10%
  • 5th place - 15%
  • 6th place - 5%
  • 7th place - 5%
  • 8th place - gag prize

What are the Rules?

Each team will play head to head against another team each night for the duration of the 7 week regular season.

If you are in the 4-person league, the A and B players from each team will play in one bay and your other 2 teammates, the C and D players, will be in the bay next to you. In the 2-person leagues, both teams will play as a foursome in the same bay. Each player will hit five shots and then alternate with the other three players in the bay. The same rotation should be maintained throughout each game. The order should change from game to game to ensure one team does not have an advantage over the other by always going first or last.

At the end of twenty golf balls the game is completed.

A total of three points can be won for each of the first two games played. The 3rd game played will always be alternate turn TopPressure. Players will determine before play starts what the individual head-to-head matchups will be. You will then switch who you play against in the 2nd game. One point will be awarded to each head-to-head matchup and one bonus point will be awarded for combined score of the two teammates. 3 total points are awarded for the first game, 3 total points are awarded for the 2nd game, and 1 final point is awarded for the 3rd game – TopPressure. A total of 7 points are to be had for the entire match. In the case of the 4-person leagues, 7 points are to be had in each bay and a total of 14 points are to be had for the match (2 people in each bay side by side). In the case of ties in the individual games, each player will be award ½ of a point.

*** Manual Scoring

If for some reason a ball does not register, players from both teams should come to a consensus as to where it landed in the target! Make sure you are paying attention as your opponents are hitting their shots to minimize discrepancies. If you and your opponent disagree as to where in a target the ball ended up, the median of the two options should be selected. If there is no compromise to be made then the outer ring of the target is sufficient.


  • Teams can have an alternate who can fill in on dates that other team members aren’t available. They will be issued their own league card. The alternate must have played at least 2 games of TopGolf in the past so a handicap can be calculated, or they will play at scratch. Once a player has league scores posted, only league scores will be used to calculate their handicap.
  • If a team’s alternate is not available and the team only has 1 player (or 3 in the case of the 4-person league) that week, then the missing player will receive a score of zero. However, the player(s) that do show will be able to earn their individual points in their own head to head matchups. As mentioned below, every point counts.
  • An alternate may not be used for the playoffs unless they have played in at least TWO regular season matches.


Playoffs are single elimination, starting the week after the season ends. Teams will be seeded according to their divisional standings. Typically, the top 8 teams will make the top tier of the playoffs (depends on the size of the league). Should there be 16 teams or more, there will be a “consolation brackets” for the middle/bottom teams. The seeding will be determined by the won-loss record according to head-to-head matchup history. Ties will be broken by total points accumulated. All throughout the playoffs, the 1st game to be played will be TopGolf, the 2nd game will be TopChip, and the third game will be TopPressure. In the case of any tie, teams will replay TopPressure until a winner has been decided. In 4-person leagues, all 4 team members share one game of twenty balls. There will be consolation games in each bracket so all teams can win prizes and play every week of the playoffs.


In the event that a team or player cannot make a round of the playoffs, the team or person needs to contact the TopGolf league manager listed below to set up a makeup. The makeup needs to be completed before the scheduled night of the playoff. No later makeups will be accepted. However, the scoring for the makeups will be handled differently. The player(s) will incur a 10% reduction to their total score and the game must be witnessed by a TopGolf associate. A printout of your score will be attached to the scorecard.


Handicap will be based on previous scores for the first night of competition and will be based solely on league scores after the first night. We ask that the team members and the alternates have at least two TopGolf scores with the site before they start league play. The maximum handicap will be 30 for league competition.


JP Walton

Tim Kunkle

*Applicable sales tax will be added at point of purchase.