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Socialize with friends, show off your skills and claim the glory – or, in this case, a champion’s title, thousands in prizes, participant swag and, of course, the envy of your crew. Each TGC tournament features a different format, so register for one or both remaining.

Topgolf Championship Series Photos
Topgolf Championship Series Photos

Each tournament is only $40/person and includes:

Two hours of Topgolf play, tournament specific t-shirt, Topgolf swag, continental breakfast and a FREE 20-minute golf lesson (TG20) .

Prizes include electronics, golf equipment, grilling & tailgate gear and much more!*

Topgolf Shootout on August 22

The TGC Cup on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 9:00 am is a team competition consisting of two players. Each team will play a qualifying game of Topgolf alternating every 5 shots. Team Player 1 will play 5 balls and then Team Player 2 will play 5 balls with this process repeating until each team has completed their game.

Teams will then be placed into flights - 4 teams per flight. Players will play flight competition Game 1 and Game 2 of TopScramble to determine the flight champions.** The highest team score out of all 16 flights' final matches will receive the Grand Prize.

**Topgolf Alexandria and Chicago will play TopChip for Game 1 and TopPressure for Game 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my bay?

Bays will randomly be assigned the morning of the tournament when you arrive on site.

Do you need to have a partner?

For any tournament that requires two players, we will pair you up with someone if you don't have a partner. Please make sure to note this during registration.

Can I register separately from my partner for team tournaments?

Yes. Each individual needs to just select a quantity of one (1) and note their partner's name during registration. Please note that both players need to complete a $40 registration.

Do I need a Topgolf membership to compete?

No. Each player will receive a membership card good for two hours of play during the tournament.

*Prize structure is based on a full field, so prizes may vary, by tournament, based on the number of registered players. The chance to win is free for all tournament participants, and no consideration is required. Winning prizes of value in a golf-based competition may affect a golfer’s status as an amateur under the Rules of Golf as published by the USGA and R&A. If you have questions, please consult the rules and/or the governing bodies.