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10 Reasons Why The Holidays Are The Best Season Ever

10 Reasons Why The Holidays Are The Best Season Ever

The holidays really are a beautiful thing. I used to think I was the only one who enjoyed them, but after taking in my surroundings from year to year I’ve finally realized…EVERYONE loves the holidays. We wait approximately 334 days when the New Year hits for the holidays to come back into full swing.

The anticipation is just as exciting as the real deal; the day of can’t come soon enough, the countdown is everything! Without the holidays, the year would be plain boring. If you disagree, just let me explain:

1. Holiday Spirit

…There are grown men dancing around in tights at the mall, need I say more? But really, people are on their feet shopping for hours at a time, and they are still smiling. It’s all about the holiday spirit, and if you can get Santa and his elf helpers in those little outfits dealing with scared kids while maintaining smiles on their faces, we may, in fact, have found the happiest time of the year!

2. The Lights

Who doesn’t love a real life gingerbread house…with lights! We drive round and round neighborhoods to gaze at the beauty of thousands of lights strung from the rooftops and around the trees. We can all agree that the lights synchronized with the music are everyone’s all-time favorite.

3. The Smells

From the pumpkin spice to the peppermint and cinnamon scents, nothing beats walking into every house on the block with an aroma of one or all three. Even better: the smell of the candy coated pecans that are roasting in the mall while you are getting your holiday shopping taken care of. It is the only time of the year you are bombarded with pure joy.

4. Holiday Specials on TV

As if we weren’t already aware that there are only 25 days until the holidays, the TV networks remind us with the best movies of all time! This is the one time of the year where children and adults, alike, are glued to the television.

5. The Music

If you could see my face right now...I LOVE Holiday music. It doesn’t matter that it’s 30 degrees outside, windows are down, the stereo is blaring and there isn’t a worry in the world! Not to mention, the seasonal albums of our favorite artists are the best thing that has happened all year.

6. ELF

“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” Buddy can turn any frown upside down. Will Ferrell is the man in this Holiday classic!

7. Seasonal Drinks

And they’re back! The Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccinos and the Caramel Brulée Lattes; our favorite coffee shops never let us down around the holidays.

8. Everything is on Sale

But really…EVERYTHING. If you want something, you might as well wait until the holidays to get the best deal. Black Friday will always be a guilty pleasure; do we even think about it realistically?! There are lines wrapped around buildings in the middle of the night for a TV….a TV!! The method to the madness…it is a cultural phenomenon! The holidays cater to it, and we love it.

9. Dress up Pets and Babies

The holidays are another excuse to dress your pets and/or babies in the cutest, red, fuzzy outfits. From the hats to the jingle bells and the mistletoes, babies and pets are the victims of everything cute. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! The pictures say everything. #cutenessoverload

10. Ugly Sweater Parties

You can be ugly and cool at the same time! It’s one of the funniest and most enjoyable themed parties of the year. And you’re in luck…you’re cordially invited to Topgolf’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Party, where you can Eat, Drink and BE UGLY. Read the details here

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