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Just Your Standard TopGolf Planning Meeting

Keeping everyone engaged during a long day of meetings is always a difficult task, except if you work for TopGolf.

Business models, this chart, that chart and "can you move to slide 83" are not terms you'll hear this week. When your Chief Finance Officer asks for another Bloody Mary at 4.30pm you know damn well that things are different.

So it starts with a team relay competition, the objective? To win of course, but really, to do what we do best... Have fun, inspire innovation, show leadership and be the best in class. Teams have been split up, and we're about to start!

Game one is up... "Teach me how to Dougie". We've got all levels of ability here and quite frankly I can't watch! Sauce, what are you doing!?

Doing the Dougie

On to game two. Can you match these beers to their respective country? Easy... Cos I have the answers!

Bags, Beer Pong and TopGolf to finish and it's bedlem. I want to keep you updated, but there are balls and bags flying everywhere! I literally have no idea what's going on! Wow this has escalated pretty quickly, I think Conrad just killed a guy! #AnchorMan

TopGolf and Bags, what's better

I have clarity, we have a play off, quite how I couldn't tell you! Team YOLO vs. Team Saucetastics. Leah and Jordan are up, whoever hits the green target is the winner. Make yourself a hero girls... That's it, game over, we have a winner... Leah stepped up and Team YOLO wins!

Leah is the big winner

Meeting concluded!

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