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Top Reasons to choose TopGolf as your Stag Do Activity

Throwing a Stag Do party soon? Check out why TopGolf is the perfect place to have it...

1. Unlimited drinking packages Yep, you heard right - UNLIMITED DRINKING PACKAGES! And from just £16, we have stag parties travel to TopGolf from as far away as the Bolivian Andes for this reason alone!

2. COOL Venues award Winner 2011 We realise that not everyone in your group will have heard about TopGolf, and that not everyone in your group will be a Golfer. TopGolf's the prefect stag do activity and destination regardless of whether your Tiger Woods or have never held a club in your life! 85% of TopGolf visitors would class themselves as 'non golfers' and with over 3,000,000 visitors to our three UK sites, that equates to 2,550,000 non golfers! And don't just take our word for it, we ended 2011 as an award winning venue, piping the likes of Teamsport Karting and Thope park to the post in our category of 'COOLest venue for corporate fun'

3. FOOD! In keeping with all the options for your Stag Do, our food menus are completely bespoke, we offer a wide range of options so there's something for everyone. Personally, I recommend our Burger Buffet which can be served directly to your bays and wont disrupt your fun! Mountains of prime Kobe Beef and chicken burgers served up on granite slates with onion rings mega towers, bowls of chips, and enough sauces for the Stag to take a bath in.

4. Dedicated Event Organiser From the moment of your first enquiry to TopGolf, you'll be assigned a dedicated event organiser, they'll be on the end of the phone or email right up to and after the big day. This takes all the stress out of the booking process and ensures the whole event run without a hitch, and most importantly, runs how you want it to!.. all our staff have years of experience in making perfect events and Stag Do's (seriously, read our testimonial page!)...

Stag Do Checklist!

1. Group size! We recommend 10 to 12 as the perfect group size, but it entirely depends on how many mates the groom has, if you have a large group - make sure you choose an activity or destination where there won't be any waiting around.. TopGolf's perfect as everyone, from 5 to 250, can play at the same time - so there'll be no waiting around and maximum drinking time ; )

2. When to go?! Two weeks before the wedding is a general rule of thumb for the stag do date - this also allows just enough time for the Stag's hair to grow back, hang over to subside!

3. Budget Everyone's financial position must be taken into account here, basically - how much can everyone afford to throw at this weekend of (more than likely) mass carnage, that (more than likely) no one will remember past 6pm! Expect last minute pull outs, expect even more so If you choose an expensive activity or activites. If organised early enough though, this can all be budgeted for and paid off week by week, perhaps even to a central account set up specifically for the Stag do (who say's blokes can't be organised?!). At TopGolf, our Stag Do packages are completely bespoke and range from just £22 per person.

4. Money! This brings me neatly on to the subject of Money! As quickly as possible, a member or your group should be assigned as 'treasurer' It'll be their role to collect all of the stag night funds from the group and pay for everything promptly.. If there's a banker in your group it'd seem logical to give the task to them - though whatever your criteria, make sure the role is assigned ASAP! One more thing.. It goes without saying that the treasurer should be someone well known to everyone in the group. Otherwise your monies could end up in a Swiss bank account quicker than you can say 'Harry Redknapp'

Stag Do top tips

1. Costume

  1. Nothing shouts fun quite like fancy dress. The moment your group walks in, everyone will know where the party's at!
  2. Make sure the groom stands out from the crowd, seeing as it's his special day you wouldn't want to hurt his feelings.

2. 5 Things to take

  1. A notebook to take tips from the groom to be, and collect tips from strange women.
  2. Camera's to catch all the action, true hangover style!
  3. List of drinking games.
  4. ID, your last night of freedom is no different to your first, even with stubble.
  5. Spare clothes (hidden) in case yours get stolen.

3. 5 Things to leave behind

  1. Mother, she wouldn't want to know what her little boy is up to!
  2. Girlfriend, obviously.
  3. Car keys, this isn't a swinger's party so leave the driving to the taxi.
  4. Wallet, let the groom's last night of freedom be on his mates.
  5. Golf clubs, TopGolf provide free rental and you wouldn't want another thing to worry about

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