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Working at work is overrated

Most people think of their office as a place in which they conduct business. At TopGolf we think of it as a place in which shenanigans are likely to occur, and it's only a matter of time before you become the target. TopGolf's approach to the traditionally boring workspace has been reinvented (because that's just what we do best) and the office is now known as the location where the best pranks are pulled. The simplest and most visible prankings come compliments of the wonderful website that is Facebook. Not that any hard working salaried employee ever uses company time to divulge their latest moment of linguistic genius, clearly these opportunities present themselves while off the company clock.

 The twenty seven seconds away from your monitor to make a copy is regularly followed by finding your iPhone on notification overload questioning your most recent confession about your interoffice crush on your boss. Granted, this prank is about a "Level 1: Rookie Status" caliber, it still never fails. Any half-capable person can pull this off with the ability to recognize someone's not-so-silent chuckling to themselves as a sign that they are perusing the witty one liners and instagrams their screen. After all, this victim (err, colleague) has so graciously done the work of typing in their password for you, now you just need to seize the moment and move in for the kill while they're off pretending to work.

Keeping it simple is the name of the game, so taking advantage of the everyday items around the building and adding in some crafty ingenuity is really all you need to succeed. Taking the time to start off someone's day by evoking a piercing shriek of sheer terror is an effective way to deliver the message that you are thinking about them. Most offices don't have a cardboard cut-out of "The Most Interesting Man in the World" tucked behind their filing cabinet but clearly, we don't fall into the typical office category. Nothing better than showing someone "I'm thinking of you" than to scare them half to death by a precisely placed life sized cardboard cut-out inches from their face as they fish around for the light switch in the dark office. For the record this has proven to be exponentially more effective to convey the message than a Hallmark card with a cartoon dog that sings and dances. Fine print: We are not responsible for any damages caused by scolding hot coffee that is hurled across the office as a result of this prank (that's just a bonus in our book).

Taking cues from your prey can lead to the kind of prank that demands "take a picture of this one!" I speak from experience when I say that these cues can be part of a routine or something devised to attempt to become more efficient in the workplace. Stacking a few rows of the oversized Giant Jenga blocks under a laptop to reduce neck strain is a practical solution for one person and a cue for another. Who wouldn't appreciate walking in to find their computer has been built into a full blown Giant Jenga tower right at their very desk? Apparently I can, because during a fit of hysterical laughter my first instinct is to do what every other social media savvy person would do-grab my phone to snap a picture of this simple brilliance before tracking down the culprit, then posting it on facebook and writing a blog about it of course. Keep in mind too that a simple left behind camera is begging for attention and is another great way to share what happens when that person might not be around. Planking, Pranking, and the Captain Morgan are all perfect examples of what happens when the sun goes down at TopGolf.

Keeps you on your A-game now doesn't it? Start the trend in your office today½

A special thanks goes to TopGolf's very own Mr. Robb Sidebottom for inspiring the inner child in all of us!

You'd be amazed by the stories that people share with you of the trickery that goes on in offices everywhere. Share my story or create your own and you'll be pleasantly surprised with what stories are reciprocated back. Like this little number shared by a prim and proper lawyer enjoying a glass of red wine: "We had a lady in our office with a beta fish she was strangely obsessed with. One day the brilliant idea came about to purchase similar sized beta fishes that were all of different color varieties. Each time she stepped out of the office we swapped out her fish with a different colored fish. This went on for several swap outs during the course of a few days. She became increasingly alarmed by this sudden color alterations she eventually called a veterinarian to discuss the health status of her fish. She never actually caught us fooling her but we were sure to leave her a rainbow colored row of fishbowls to confess!"

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