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To colour or color? The origin of Bringlish

Every time I type the words favor or center or neighbor I cringe inside and await a scolding from my primary school teacher Mrs Wilson (great teacher but equally terrifying when I was 9 years old).

Many people think the hardest part of transitioning to the US from the UK is driving on the opposite side of the road. It's not. Remember the spelling tests as a kid? The effort you made to get it right every time? Imagine spelling things correctly for 30 years then being forced to spell them incorrectly. And, yes, I think the Brits have it right because spelling colour with a U is just what I know. And I'm equally ok that Americans see color as the correct spelling.

The notion that 2 nations speaking the same language with spelling variations made little sense to me so I checked out what happened. Some guy called Noah Webster apparently thought America needed some cultural independence from Britain so he took it upon himself to rewrite the American dictionary. Turns out his idea of 'rewrite' was restricted to removing Us from some words and replacing s with a z in others. Sounds like he could have put more effort into it if you ask me.

It's a lose-lose situation for me now. If I go with American spelling I risk offending my fellow Brits and upsetting my parents who invested in my education. But if I go Brit spelling I risk being told I am wrong by my wonderful work colleagues. The result is a bizarre mix of both spellings. I have decided to name my new language Bringlish. And I've put about as much effort into my new language as Mr Webster did back in the day.

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