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Not your typical job interview

Not your typical job interview

So, after all the talk about how successful TopGolf UK's recruitment day was through our very own word of mouth, I admit we were all nervously excited on what to expect and extremely pumped about what awesomeness was coming our way.

Day 1 Motto: Who picked black? Oh, the Chicago Guy!

 Day 1 of recruitment was like your first day of school. No matter how prepared you are with laying out your first outfit for class or having your backpack all packed with everything you need. You still end up doing either a major or minor wardrobe change and/or forget your dang calculator for your pre-cal class (I was a math nerd..don't hold it against me). Despite the first day loopholes, everyone pulled together and HAD A BLAST!

The first half of the day we put everyone into groups of 4-5 individuals. Then we had them come up with an event that they would promote to one of TopGolf's core market groups. It was fun and interesting to hear everyone's creative ideas and spins to events½that you may or may not see at your local TopGolf in the future. ;)

After this we got to see the whole group interact and made our first cut followed by some delicious Jimmy Johns! Free lunch at an interview½please and thank you! Now that we were ready to lock and load to the second part of our festivities we broke up everybody into three groups.

1) The XFACTOR: No, unfortunately Britney was not there BUT we had some amazing people from Dallas, Allen, Corporate, and Yours Truly (Houston) help out on the panel and the other tents. Here we just wanted to hear embarrassing stories ( I mean..who doesn't love a good embarrassing story?) and some interesting facts that would get us better acquainted with all the new wonderful recruits.

2) One on One Interviews: This consisted of two people conducting interviews to get to know each candidate on a more personal level.

3) The Relay Races: My personal favorite NOT just because this is where I was at BUT because we brought the CRAZY FUN! We really saw how everyone interacted in a competitive environment. In this tent we had Bear Pong to Corn Hole (or Bags for you Northerners) to Golf Ball Waitressing to creating your signature TG cocktail!

At the end of the day, loads of fun! Even though it was HOT! This is where our motto "Who picked black? Oh the Chicago Guy" came into place. We all know in Houston's heat and humidity (In a Ron Burgundy Voice) "It's so dang hot!.....Black was a bad choice".

Second day the same gest! Except it was freakishly cool! And with more break out dancing to get the blood flowing.

Check out the fun pictures below and thank you ALL who came out.


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