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TopGolf Hospitality, It's Not Just for Guests!

You've probably heard it in every job you've ever held: customer service is critical to a company's success. We take this belief to the next level at TopGolf. Here, we believe in good 'ole fashioned guest hospitality.

Why do we call visitors to TopGolf guests instead of customers? Because "customer" is a transactional term, whereas "guest" implies someone who is welcome, someone you have a relationship with, and someone you want to return.

Why do we harp on hospitality over service? Service is an act that could encompass bringing you your food, bussing your table or making you a bay reservation. In other words, service is a given. But it's hospitality that's responsible for eliciting the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when we show you that you are important to us.

As a new TopGolf associate (one month and counting!), I've already witnessed many awesome acts of hospitality with guests at our sites. This didn't surprise me; I frequented TopGolf often before joining the company and knew that the guest experience is top notch. But what I've found pleasantly surprising is the hospitality our associates are showing their colleagues.

Take, for example, my trip this week to Chicago and Alexandria. I could have easily taken a taxi, train or shuttle from the airport to the TopGolf sites. Instead, Marketing Champions T.J. and Leah insisted on picking me up from the airport. Not only that, they drove me back and forth between the site, my hotel and even Walgreen's to pick up a few essentials. They ensured that my hotel was satisfactory and that I had dinner plans. Even though we were meeting for the first and second time, T.J. and Leah treated me as their old friend who was passing through town. Lucky for me, I was invited back!

Throughout my trip, associates at each of the sites I visited shared openly how much they care for their peers and how tight-knit their team is. From happy hours to volunteer projects, they gladly choose to spend time with each other outside of work. On Tuesday, it was Alexandria associate Mario's birthday, and his co-workers surprised him with a cake. (Of course, they took the hospitality a step further by sharing a piece½okay, maybe two pieces½with me.)

Seeing our associates show each other the same hospitality they show our guests makes me so proud to be a part of this team. Special thanks to everyone who has made my first month an easy and FUN transition!

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