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TopGolf goes to SXSW

TopGolf goes to SXSW

Meghan AKA Champ, the marketing manager at TopGolf Austin and her team of AWESTINITES decided to set out on a mission. To let every gaming, interactive, technically inclined citizen of Austin learn exactly what the amazingness of TopGolf is all about. Based on their re-cap, we can say one thing. It was anything but usual. Below are a summary of events that took place.

Disclaimer: We warn you, what you are about to read will make you laugh, make you gawk, and may just confuse you. This may not be appropriate to read within a vicinity of your boss, or individuals that are sensitive to such emotion. You have been warned.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the land of ATX when the TopGolf crew strolled in to the Palmer Events Center in beautiful downtown Austin. They were setting up their booth when all of a sudden the whole room fills with a deep bass. The lights dim, the room erupts in applause and yes, it has begun. The Gaming Expo was underway. Such a dramatic start, the TopGolf crew thought as they continued setting up their corner of the room. People began milling into the event center and the team took place, they spoke to many out-of-towners and yes a few locals, but no one stuck out to them quite like the Red Ranger. You know, the Red Ranger. From the Power Rangers! This was just the beginning of some of the characters that made appearances throughout the expo

Throughout the course of the weekend there were sightings of such heroes as Mario, Luigi, and Zelda. There were forces sent from the death star (Star Wars) and really, really, really tall Halo guy. There were Batmans and Robins, and even Ghostbusters. There were Roman soldiers and the greatest hero of them all, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! Yes, it was a video game Halloween in the middle of March! But nothing surprised the team quite like what happened next.

After coming to the realization, that the SXSW Gaming Expo was indeed an epic spectacle, they each gave each other a furtive glance and decided to embark on their own endeavors. To walk the entire Gaming Expo floor!! Yes, it was quite the feat. But they held their heads high and set out. There are countless stories that they recollected, ones of fog machines and G I Joe Jeeps. There were stories of light sabers and tantalizing technologies. The most tantalizing of them all? A talking zombie! Yes, a talking zombie. It was a booth where you could stand in front a TV screen and had a complete conversation with a zombie via Skype. Quite the scandal!

Overall the weekend was enriching, eccentric, exciting, eye opening, enlightening, erotic and quite frankly exhausting. Twas a great weekend. Did TopGolf make a statement? I'd say so, they were the last to pack up at the end of the expo! I'd say they made a statement. 'Til the next adventure½

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