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Austin, the City of Burnt Orange, Passion and Weirdness

Austin, the City of Burnt Orange, Passion and Weirdness

When thinking of Austin, Texas, the three things that come to mind are burnt orange, passion and weirdness. Why is this? It is commonly stated that the south is full of "passionate folks with tons of southern hospitality." This is especially true here in the state capital, even with all of our friends who have moved here from the West Coast. So of course, when thinking of these terms, we felt it very important to explain how TopGolf Austin carries these special characteristics.

Burnt orange, the sacred color of The University of Texas, which is one of the largest public universities in the country. Burnt orange is to the city of Austin like dark green and gold are to the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is iconic. Being that Austin is now the 11th largest populated city in America, the university has coined a fan-base almost like a professional team. With that being said, it is rare to step off a plane or even out of your own front door without seeing the unmistakable burnt orange in some capacity. So of course, at TopGolf, we had to bring our own burnt orange into the Longhorn Lounge, which is finished off with the shadowed image of a longhorn.

Passion is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion in Austin can be compared to the love for UT, or it can be compared to the fact that we sit in the heart of all state politics. I think it has everything to do with the fact that it is the heartbeat of the great state of Texas. Everywhere you look in Texas, there are Texas flags! It is something that is hard to ignore. During the roaring crowds of Friday night college football to the recent protests at the state Capital, the Texas flag cannot be missed. This is why we felt it quite appropriate to hang a Texas flag adjacent from the American flag as you enter our building. We even thought it fun to hang one on our Kubota or "picker."

Weirdness, now this one was a little different to think about. What is weirdness? Is it the quality of possessing unique characteristics? Or is it simply something that is just out of the ordinary? I would assume it to be both. While the saying, "Keep Austin Weird," has certainly become a coined phrase for the city and its tourism industry, I believe it has become extremely important to the culture and identity of Austin. Naturally, we at TopGolf had to keep that special "flavor" alive. To us, weirdness means having original local Austin bands every Friday night on our terrace, having quirky and silly theme nights once a month, and having a room that is centered around a furry wall!

Yep, we at TopGolf Austin love to keep the flavor of Austin, with all its burnt orange, passion and weirdness, alive and well.

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