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The Techie Side of TopGolf

The Techie Side of TopGolf

If you're new to TopGolf, either as an Associate or guest, you've noticed that we have a lot of technology at our sites. You walk into our lobby and BAM! You see eight TV screens, four strange-looking devices at two different places in the lobby (they look like kiosks), and then there's the counter on your left with two monitors and the counter on your right with four monitors - all staffed by smiling TopGolf Associates.

Just think, you haven't even made it to the tee line, where all the real action is! Once you're at the tee line, there's the k-panel (game console in the bay), which is a touch-screen device that lets you play the TopGolf games. There's also that contraption, oh wait, that's the automatic ball dispenser with pictures of the targets. This device contains a sensor that you wave your club over to have a golf ball automatically delivered to you. And lastly, above you there are two TVs to watch your game scores and cable TV.

So when you come to a TopGolf site, there are at least seven different technology devices staring you in the face. This can be overwhelming and proves to be one of the biggest challenges that any technology group has to overcome - how to make all this technology easy to use.

Fortunately, for our Associates and especially our guests, we don't leave this UI (User Interface) design to just the techies; we get design help from specialists who do nothing but make technology easy to use. Think of your iPhone, smartphone, tablets and certain websites that are relatively intuitive, and that's what we're trying to achieve. Marketing and site Associates help guide, direct and even insist that we make our technology easier to use.

Examples of where there's been great collaboration to simplify technology include: 1) the screens in the bays, 2) behind the Let's Play consoles in the lobby, and 3) the self-service kiosks. These have all been changed during the last six months to facilitate an easier and simpler interaction for our guests and Associates.

Take, for example, the game screens in the bay (k-panels). We made the buttons bigger, changed the colors and followed the "less than three touches" rule to perform a function philosophy. These changes have made for an improved guest experience by making the interaction less cumbersome and less complicated, resulting in more time to play TopGolf.

The Let's Play console functions were changed for the Houston facility opening. A key feature was the "shopping cart" design. Now, our Associates can check in multiple guests on one screen versus the previous method of having to check in each guest separately. This has dramatically reduced the lines in the lobby as well as the overall time it takes to check in a group of three or more guests.

The self-service kiosk software has also been streamlined and greatly improved. Guests can now easily and quickly add themselves to the waitlist, add value to their account, and manage their account profiles. These changes also served to reduce the lines in the lobby, thus giving our guests more time to enjoy the amenities at the sites.

So why am I writing this blog? We have just started this process to streamline the technology at our sites, and we hope you will soon take notice of an improved user experience!

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