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The New Gmail Inbox: Where'd My TopGolf Emails Go?

The New Gmail Inbox: Where'd My TopGolf Emails Go?

On May 29, Gmail rolled out a new inbox that automatically sorts your messages into five different categories that appear as tabs: primary, social, promotions, updates and forums (by default, most users will see primary, social and promotions). Gmail's thinking is that this new format will give the control back to users so they can focus on the emails that really matter to them and then view everything from retailers and social networks when time allows.

So what does this have to do with receiving your TopGolf emails?

Well, it depends where you're viewing your emails from. If you're primarily viewing your Gmail account from the iPhone's native mail app, you don't have to worry about anything since it groups all emails into the same place. However, if you're viewing your Gmail account from a browser or from the Gmail app, you'll no longer initially see your TopGolf emails. Why's that?

Most emails sent from an ESP (Email Service Provider) are grouped into the promotions category and thus don't appear in your primary tab. If you're not used to the new format, it may just appear that you're not receiving your TopGolf emails anymore. For some individuals, this is the perfect way to receive emails from TopGolf so that they can quickly go back and review upcoming events and offers. However, others may forget to look in the promotions tab or not expect receipt and activation emails from TopGolf to fall into this area.

Is there any way to receive your TopGolf emails in your primary folder again? Of course! It will just take two simple steps on your part. Just drag and drop an email from TopGolf from the promotions tab to your primary inbox. Then click "Yes" on the pop up that asks, "Do this for future messages from topgolf@e.topgolf.com?" It's that simple.

Let us know what you think of the new Gmail inbox by posting your comments below.

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