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I Hate Everything in My Closet.

Ever have the moment where you say, "Ugh, I hate everything in my closet?"  Yeah, I have too...

The fact that I've had those moments (not saying everyone hasn't, because likely they have), makes leading the creation of a full line of "cool" wearables to represent our brand a pretty daunting process. Daunting or not, it's one of my favorite things I get to do. I feel like I've become TopGolf's own "FashionStar" (who doesn't sew). I just have to be able to clearly communicate a vision stemming from a lot of research, a great team and a few educated guesses.

Luckily, as opinionated as I am, I have a room full of people as passionate about our brand and what represents it who are willing to help. Commence lively debate between silver, light gray, oatmeal, heather gray, silverado, ash, slate, dark gray, premium heather, oh, and don't forget charcoal. Seriously, can't we just all call it gray? And let's not get started on the choices of "fit"...it's mind-boggling.

So get excited, we're looking at everything from footwear to headwear and everything in-between. It'll be mixing tradition and trend, classic and cool, and in the end trying to produce something that you (yes you,  the one reading this) want to wear out in public as an advocate for our brand.

Maybe throw a comment on here with a suggestion of something you'd like to see? Yeah, I'll check my blog to see if I can steal some genius from you TopGolf fanatics :)

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