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Van Diaries Part Deaux: Girls Behind The Gears

With the explosion that is TopGolf happening here in the great state of Texas, our Big Promo Bus has gotten a lot of miles on it's odometer these last few years. From Dallas to Allen, Allen to Houston, Houston to Austin...it's seen many a mile...and many a VIP Party.

This past week, I got the pleasure of flying down to our Houston location to accompany one of our newest TopGolf family members, Deidra (the latest and greatest addition to our team of Marketing Managers!) on her road trip from Houston to The Colony.

If you know anything about TopGolf, it's that we do our best to make anything and everything fun, and road trips are no exception! So we mapped out a few stops we deemed worthy of a detour and set out to see some sights along the road home. Before making it out of the parking lot, our Houston Marketing Manager Jessica made us take a crash course in driving the monster-sized van. No vehicles were harmed during this lesson!

So after our excursion in the parking lot, it was time to hit the open road and see what Houston had in store for us "North Texans." Our first stop was at the iconic Beer Can House in the heart of Houston. Now I enjoy a nice cold beer as much as the next person, but MAN that guy had to have really REALLY liked beer. The house has more than 39,000 flattened, empty beers adorning it (supposedly all drank by the artist). From the gate to the walkway to the wind chime accent across the porch, it was an interesting, awesome display of art to say the least.

Next we stopped at the equally iconic "WE HEART HOUSTON" sign. This one was a tricky one. GPS led us astray, and after some adventures through a few Houston neighborhoods, we managed to find it. Literally, it's on the frontage road right after a freeway exit ramp...whoa. But again, no vehicles were harmed!

From there, we headed to Sculpturworx, a local Houston artist's graveyard of gigantic concrete creations. There were 20+ different Presidential busts, some complete with the shoulders and chest, and some just sitting eerily. This place would give anyone the heeby jeebies at night. The entire Sculpturworx lot is completed by the towering statues of the Fab Four: John, Paul, George and Ringo, who were brought to life as cement statues that stand over three stories tall. The artist, David Adickes, is the same man responsible for the We Heart Houston sign, Mount Rush Hour, the statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville, and many other massive works of art throughout Texas.

We left the concrete jungle and headed north toward our final stop: the Sam Houston Statue! Seeing a completed version after our escapade in the graveyard of busts was breathtaking. "A Tribute to Courage," the formal name for the statue of Sam Houston, stands 67 feet tall (not including his 10-foot base) and is the world's tallest statue of an American hero.

We hit the highway just as the sun was setting and headed back to Dallas, calling it a day. Now the big bus is happily home, awaiting the many marketing adventures that it will take part in before the grand opening of our location in The Colony this November!

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