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Dr Pepper Fairway FirePounder Corporate Throwdown

Dr Pepper Fairway FirePounder Corporate Throwdown

The Dr Pepper Fairway FirePounder is no joke; just ask our two home office teams that competed against each other and the sandwich in an office duel last Thursday. This colossal sandwich, weighing in around 5 pounds, has a list of ingredients that make you feel full just hearing about it. One pound of freshly baked bread is piled high with 1 lb. turkey, 1 lb. pepper jack cheese, 0.5 pound bacon, one head of lettuce, two whole tomatoes, 0.5 cups of jalapenos, one whole grilled onion, homemade Sriracha aioli and four giant pickles. Two competitors get 20 minutes to finish the newborn-baby sized sandwich and chug two 32-oz. Dr Peppers. However, the dynamic duos vowed, "We will battle to the end, no matter what the time says."

Arriving around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, the two teams strolled in ready to take on the Dr Pepper Fairway FirePounder Challenge and earn the title of Home Office Sandwich Slayer. Carter Martin, Lead Digital Designer, was teamed with Mark Marinaro, Online Marketing Executive. While Shaun Sinnott, Director of Digital Marketing, competed with Blake Schroeder, Digital Product Manager. Each team member resolved to eat only from their half of the sandwich, refusing help to their partner with consuming the other half.  The losing team had to buy the winners lunch from a steak house located next to our corporate office, though they might have to wait a week for their appetites to come back.

Once our Executive Chef counted down from five, the men were on their way to sandwichtown. Each guy had his own opinion on how to take down the beast. Shaun decided to take off the tomatoes to make it more condensed. Blake tried to eat his in layers. Mark went straight for the kill with big bites, and Carter ate his in four pieces. With a crowd of TopGolf home office Associates cheering them on, the guys started out strong. However, with eight minutes to go, the bread kicked in and they started feeling the burn from the spicy sandwich. At the end of the 20 minutes, both Carter and Shaun had finished their portion of the sandwich, but Mark and Blake were still working hard to choke down the rest of the ingredients - too bad they were not on the same team. About five minutes later, both Blake and Mark decided to throw in the towel and asked the kitchen to bring a scale to weigh the difference. In the end, Blake and Shaun walked away the victors of a free lunch at the steakhouse and food challenge bragging rights.

These guys did not manage to finish the challenge in less than 20 minutes, but many people from all of our locations have been crowned Dr Pepper FirePounder winners. Each winner receives the $30 sandwich for free and two "Trust me, I am a doctor" T-shirts complimentary of our partner Dr Pepper. Also, the team that finishes in the fastest time at each location walks away with two Dr Pepper mini fridges. The team with the lowest time out of all our locations is 11 minutes and 17 seconds, hailing from Alexandria, VA. To see what your location's lowest time is, please check your local social media handles. With one week left to compete, you must ask yourself, "Do I have what it takes to be crowned the Dr Pepper Fairway FirePounder Champion?"

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