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They Came, They Saw½They Tasted!

They Came, They Saw½They Tasted!

When I learned we were going to host the first-ever TopGolf Taste & Tour media event, I didn't know what to expect½but then I let my stomach take over and lead the way. For those of you who know me, you know this a common occurrence and that I'm never shy when it comes to food. You could almost say, as TopGolf Director of Food and Beverage Mark Boyton so tastefully puts it, "Eating is my passion."

Though the rain made the day drag and the traffic terrible for those commuting from Dallas to attend our event in The Colony, we still were eager to welcome the first guests to our new site. From the beautiful food presentation that Corporate Executive Chef Seve and her team put together, to the lively ambiance that our brand new bar offers, and the amazing lights show on the outfield after dark, the attendees "oohed" and "ahhed" in admiration throughout the tour. Although small in scale, the Taste & Tour event was a first for TopGolf and an accomplishment in its own right.

As Mark and Seve began their introductions and walked the guests through each food station, I learned a lot about TopGolf's impressive food and beverage scene. For instance, TopGolf smokes the chicken for the street tacos for four hours! That's a long time, when you consider I just spent four hours of my day off watching Netflix - oops! I also learned that TopGolf's kitchen is a near-24-hour operation that requires continuous prepping and cooking because the majority of our menu items are made from scratch daily. With that said, it's no wonder that just one of our sites can produce the same amount of food as six TGI Fridays in one day.

"We like to think we have the mindset of Willie Wonka in the TopGolf kitchen, where anything is possible," Seve said.

Many people may not realize the thoughtfulness that goes into TopGolf's menu creation. Mark and Seve are very purposeful about tying the menu to TopGolf's Core Values - fun, quality, innovative, sociable and caring. For example, TopGolf's flatbreads are shareable, allowing for the social experience. With cotton candy and injectable donut holes, our desserts are definitely fun. Our ingredients are delivered fresh daily, allowing for a quality dining experience. We are careful to reduce waste. And we foster innovation by encouraging our chefs to invent new recipes by introducing specialty regional items at each TopGolf facility.

"Our goal is to exceed guest expectations and make the food as good as the game," Mark said.

Mark, I think you and Seve have achieved your goal!

Now, check out these amazing pictures from the Taste & Tour. Warning: Viewing photos will increase appetite.

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