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Favorite TopGolf Memories - Part 1

As part of TopGolf's month-long celebration of 10 locations and 10 million visitors, we asked some of our Associates, "What is your favorite TopGolf memory?" See two of them show and tell their answers after the jump!

"My memory goes back three and a half years ago just as a guest. My boys and I had always heard about this place called "TopGolf Dallas." My 3-year-old at the time talked about it nonstop, and finally we decided to make a boys day out at "TopGolf Dallas." You would think that playing the game and scoring points would be what the day would entail. Not quite. The game of the day was "hit the Jeep." Wouldn't you know that the first one to hit the Jeep was Jackson, my 3-year-old. Needless to say, he is now addicted to this wonderful game that TopGolf has to offer - "hitting the Kubota." I will leave you with this video of his most proud and most talked about moment to this day. Note:  Take a close look at where the picker goes while my son gets ready to hit. I'm so glad they decided to hire me as the Facility Manager and teach our team how to properly pick½haha!"

-Kelly Stites, TopGolf Facility Manager

"The '70s had the disco era, the 8'0s had Nintendo, the 9'0s had roller rinks, and the 2000s has TopGolf! It has been two years and six months since I first walked into the doors of TopGolf Dallas. I came in looking for a transition job after college, and little did I know that this magical place would turn from co-workers, to friends and, ultimately, family. TopGolf has been more than just an unexpected career for me; it has become a lifestyle and a passion of mine that brings so much excitement for my future.

When one asks me what I do for a living and my response is that I work for TopGolf, it is almost as if I am an instant celebrity. I constantly have to pose for the paparazzi or carry a pen handy to sign autographs and take pictures with babies. The most common question I get is, "What is your favorite moment at the Dallas site?" When asked this question, it is like choosing between your favorite song or movie, or even your favorite child. There isn't just one answer.

After being at the Dallas site for two and a half years, I think some of the best times have been all the office pranks that go down. Sometimes you may walk in and you'll find that the pictures on your desk will suddenly be replaced with Geoff's photo-shopped face in every single picture. It's not creepy at all. Other times, you may go to sit on your chair, and a very loud air horn will blow, causing you to jump up with fear for your life! There was even a time when Geoff and Casey printed off about a hundred pictures of the top of their faces peaking over and looking at us. They hid them in the freezer, drawers, air vents, etc. etc. To this day, we are STILL finding their pictures. But the best prank hands down was when a few of the managers purchased hundreds of ping pong balls and placed them in the ceiling tile. When another manager went into his office and sat down, it triggered the ping pong balls and they crashed down like a hurricane. Ping pong balls were EVERYWHERE! Best video ever!

Besides all the goofy personalities that bring life and laughter into this place, a few of my other favorite moments have been a little more sentimental. Like I previously mentioned, I walked into TopGolf after college just looking for a quick transition job. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was a sign above a door that said "Events." Something in my heart struck me, and I told the manager during my interview that I would be in that office one day.


I am ecstatic to see where this company takes all of us and I am ready to keep adding to my list of unforgettable memories!"

 -Karolina Stewart, Event Sales Manager

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