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Favorite TopGolf Memories - Part 2

Favorite TopGolf Memories - Part 2

Last week, we shared some of our Associates' favorite memories from their time at TopGolf as part of our 10/10 celebration. This week, we have more fun and heartwarming memories to share. Find out what "tinkle, tinkle, tinkle" means to our Director of Talent Management and how TopGolf saved a Hospitality Manager's family... "When I used to hear random people say, "I love my job - it doesn't feel like work," I used to think, "What planet are they on?" How can they love work?" But I am definitely drinking the Kool-Aid now. I have found a role and employer that I absolutely love! Every week at TopGolf is completely different from the last, and in my short tenure, I have gained so many funny and wonderful memories.

Below are my top 5:

5. This is the only job where I've learned new dances and how to be cool (well, maybe)!  I learned how to dance to "The Thrift Shop" from the Chicago team and "The Bernie" from the Alexandria team.

4. I got to see TopGolf Recruiter Nancy Haller get excited while viewing a  3-D butterfly movie. She was actually reaching out to "touch" the butterflies. This memory reminds me to smile even at the little things that occur every day.

3. I get to see how talented our Associates are. During the Tee-Up Crew auditions, I got to witness an "interesting, nonsensical, and completely off-the-beat" rap  where, at the end, when asked how he thought he did, the Associate said, "I did awesome!!" After being given the Tee-Up Crew opportunity, this Associate has continued to impress us with his insight and passion.

2. I get to travel to see all of our awesome Associates. During a work dinner on one visit, I learned that Patrick Cash's head sometimes gives off smoke (literally). I thought he was on fire or that I was hallucinating! 

And my top memory:

1. I get to interview so many candidates who are dying to work for TopGolf, including one who, after being offered a glass of water, said,  "Do you ever notice when you're working, you never have to tinkle? And then, when you're not working and you have the littlest bit of water, all of the sudden it's 'tinkle-tinkle-tinkle?!!'"

I, like you, work a lot of hours, but it truly doesn't feel like work. Every week is a new learning opportunity for me and a reminder that I made the right choice to work at TopGolf."

-Deslyn Douglas, Director of Talent Management

"Top Golf saved my family. 

I'm a golfer. I love the game of golf. I love the focus, the determination, the emotional anguish I undergo when my ball doesn't respond to my crooked stick. I enjoy a good day out on the course, early in the morning, the sun misting through the trees, the wind forever at my face, damp clumps of Bermuda just off the fairway, a hotdog at the turn. I play every week with my father; we are golfers. My brother, on the other hand, is a cart-wrecking, marshal-avoiding, cart-girl-flirting, ball-whacking golfer-wanna-be, and I swore the last time that I played with him that I would never golf with him again.

Simple golf trips with my brother have resulted in some disastrous events. I have been run over - literally run over - I had to ask him to back the cart off of me; we had been hunted by angry marshals convinced that we had outside alcohol, and some of those silver-haired marshals can be pretty intimidating. I have been forced to flirt, forced I tell you, forced! Yet I am married, and my wife is asking me to come to bed as I write this. And really, when my brother lines up for a drive, I can't tell if he is trying to hit the ball or escort it rudely past the ladies' tees. And then there was the counter.

Since my brother struggles with golf scores, he believed that I was not keeping an accurate count of my strokes and took it upon himself to record each and every one with a reliable chrome counter. So, whenever I hit the ball, I would hear a click in the background. If my ball sliced left into the woods, click, and into the lake, click, click, and if I touched any part of the sand as I stood in a trap, clickety-click. By the 102nd click, I was ready to lash out, but my brother had brought his little Owen, and I didn't want my nephew to have bad dreams about golf. Instead, I swore that I would never subject myself to an entire round of golf with my golf-course-challenged sibling. 

The next time my brother and his family came to town, I knew exactly where to go. I took him and little Owen to TopGolf.  It was great because I didn't have to worry about getting insurance for the cart. I didn't have to practice my geriatric ninja skills. My lovely wife came with us, and my brother won. He and his 25-yard drive won. He brought his counter with him but didn't need it because he knew where all my shots went½and he won. Instead of a hotdog, we ordered a Smokehouse Burger and a Chargrilled Steak Flatbread, and the engaging Bay Host occupied his attention enough to keep all of us entertained. He was happy, and I no longer dreaded playing golf with him. We made plans to do it again. TopGolf saved my family, and it helped me realize something: Some people might not be golfers, but everyone is a TopGolfer."

-Tim Conkey, Hospitality Manager

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