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TopGolfer's Camp Out for Free TopGolf for a Year

TopGolfer's Camp Out for Free TopGolf for a Year

As we planned our marketing efforts for our 10th location in The Colony, TX, we decided it would be fitting to name our campaign for the site "The Colony, The Perfect 10." 10 locations is a big deal, so we had to do something over-the-top and memorable. We needed something crazy for the first people to play in our 10th location!

Hmm½camping out to win something? Yes, let's do a campout in our parking lot! Tents at TopGolf? Why not? After all, what's crazier than getting people to camp out overnight in our parking lot?

This is how Twilight was born. And by "Twilight" we mean Dictionary.com's definition: "The special hours when the soft glowing light from the sky is below the horizon" - not a vampire movie featuring Edward and Jacob.

So now that we've defined what Twilight is, how do we go about getting people to WANT to stay in a tent all night in November? Especially those lifelong Texas residents who think cold is anything lower than 75 degrees½

# 1 - It starts with a great, WOW prize. We chose free TopGolf for one year. Who wouldn't want that?

#2 - Make it fun! Who knows fun like TopGolf? Done.

#3 - Who can we partner with to make this even more over-the-top so people want to stay up with us all night? Who does energy better than anyone? Red Bull! Okay, so let's talk over-the-top with Red Bull.

Some of the best DJs in the market are Red Bull DJs. Two is always better than one, so we booked both DJ Fishr Pryce and DJ Cliff. (Yes, those are their names.)

And we couldn't miss out on having those famous Wings girls doing product sampling during the night. Yum½Red Bull½

Ok, this is getting good, but we need something else to make this truly over-the-top.

Let's add the Red Bull MXT. AKA the party in a box. This thing½this car½can I really call it a car? It's more like a tank! Its roof raises up to 7 feet with speakers that fold out in the corners. The tank has four TV screens, two X-box gaming stations, two DVD players, turn tables and mixers for the DJ, and satellite TV.

To finish it all off, we needed great food. It's TopGolf, how can we not feed people? Our amazing Food & Beverage team rose to the occasion.

So, that's it. The key to a successful event is FOOD, FUN and PRIZES.

Twilight at TopGolf was held last Saturday, Nov. 2. Contestants lined up at noon to win their chance to camp out with two guests. The campers then returned to the site at 8 p.m. for an all-nighter.

There were prizes. Dancing. Eating. Getting to know neighbors½all as we huddled closely together to brave the 44-degree temperatures. And really, the time change HAD to be on this night? The MXT left at 2 a.m., we turned back the clock, to say 1 a.m. again. Oh well, we started the late-night movie hours from the TopGolf promo van to keep us busy.

The night turned out to be a huge success! There were 71 winners who received FREE TopGolf for a year. Not to mention, these campers hold TWO titles:

Title 1 - The FIRST Twilight campers in the history of TopGolf Title 2 - The first official people to play at our 10th location in The Colony, TX!

Thank you to each of them who made this night happen!

Our new site in The Colony has the most amazing new Members who are the best brand ambassadors for TopGolf we could ever ask for.

To close, The Colony, you are the perfect 10!

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