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Love and Marriage at TopGolf

Love and Marriage at TopGolf

Last week, I attended a business luncheon with TopGolf's CEO, Tom. As we were entering the networking event, a woman who looked familiar to me quickly approached. She explained that she was anxious to meet Tom because she had a special story to share with him. She went on to explain that she and her now-husband had their first date at TopGolf. A few months ago, she'd emailed me to schedule her engagement photo shoot at -- you guessed it -- TopGolf. Following the wedding, Jannie and John decided that their first date as a married couple should also be at TopGolf. Jannie admitted she had been looking forward to this luncheon because she hoped to take a picture with the TopGolf CEO, bringing her story full circle. Then it dawned on me why this woman was so familiar; we used to volunteer together! Talk about a small world.

Anyway, Jannie got her photo with Tom and took the time to answer some fun questions about her TopGolf love affair. See her engagement photos and more after the jump...


What are your names and hometowns? Jannie and John Tong. Jannie is originally from Garland, TX, and John is from Carrollton, TX.

Where do you currently reside? We recently bought a house in Allen, TX. (Not to far from TopGolf Allen, eh?)

How has TopGolf played a role in your relationship? TopGolf has certainly brought us together in many, many ways. Our first date was at TopGolf in Allen, among the few.

What was the first date at TopGolf like? We met there late at night around 10-11 p.m. We hadn't seen each other since college, so it was a little nerve-wracking yet exciting. The atmosphere was great: people were having fun, and with fresh air outdoors, it was a casual/fun environment. Because both of us were/are by no means golf pros, so it gave us the opportunity to help each other to fine-tune our swing and have fun practicing and laughing when we made mistakes/missed the ball.  The fact that food and drinks are available also makes for a good date place. It's a very relaxed place with virtually no dress code, and it caters to those of all skill levels and has a little something for everyone.

How did you two meet? We met through a mutual friend, who happened to be Jannie's second cousin. We originally met for the first time (as friends) at a step show at SMU, where Jannie went to college. John was studying at the University of Texas at Austin. John was in town for the weekend and attended the step show with Jannie's second cousin.

Where and when did you get married? We got married Nov. 9, 2013, at CityPlace in Dallas, TX.

Which TopGolf location do you usually visit? We usually play at the one in Allen because it's closest to us, but we try to go and check out the other ones in town for variety.

 Any other fun details or facts? John had part of his bachelor party weekend at TopGolf too!

Photography by Dallas Wedding Photographer, Amy Karp Photography

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