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Tales from the Trailer

Tales from the Trailer

When building a site as large and extravagant as TopGolf, you get to experience some pretty interesting situations that you wouldn't normally have at your average job. Notice I said "average job" because TopGolf is nowhere close to average; it's above and beyond anything you could ever expect.

While under construction, our departments have been given trailers to work out of until we take over the building. Being in close quarters with three departments in one trailer makes you bond pretty quickly, as well as learn a thing or two about personal space. The trailer I work out of has the membership, marketing, and sales/events teams. Not a day goes by that we don't share inside jokes, talk in random accents mid-conversation, or share lunch at new restaurants in the area. We also can't go anywhere in our TopGolf gear without people stopping and talking to us about when we open and what to expect, only adding to the excitement building here in Spring, Texas.

Practical jokes aren't just for kids at summer camp, especially at TopGolf. One of our favorites is tampering with the air conditioning temperature inside the trailers. On one rather cold day, our operations team decided to turn our A/C on full blast overnight, so we came back to a freezing sales trailer the next morning. Needless to say, we got payback!

Being in a trailer also means no permanent home for the stuff you acquire pre-opening. As Marketing Manager, I get deliveries constantly and have to find "homes" for all my marketing collateral. As of right now, I have a small closet in the trailer, a large trailer-sized storage container and an off-site storage room. In order to keep up with all my "toys," as everyone calls them, I came up with a creative, yet necessary, inventory sheet to make sure I'm keeping up with everything I am being sent so I can give our awesome fans some of our swag!

Marketing a new site in a relatively new area of Houston is an exciting experience. Many of the people in Houston know what TopGolf is, thanks to the huge success of the location near Katy. However, there are still a lot of people who have never heard of us and wonder what the large nets are that they can see from the freeway. One of the best ways we've gotten the word out is through social media. Every time I post a photo of our construction progress on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, people get so excited to see the new additions to our construction site, whether it's the nets going up or turf being laid. Our promo van is finally ready and running, making its first appearance this past Monday at a local golf tournament. Everyone was so pumped to see how much fun we have at TopGolf, just by the way we interact with each other and our fans.

Working for TopGolf feels nothing like work. I literally jump out of bed and get excited to drive to the site and hang out with my TopGolf family all day. We even go out to dinner sometimes after work and just enjoy each other's company, despite the hours we had already spent together during the day. At our hiring events, I tell our potential Associates that they have many opportunities ahead of them, but the main one, I believe, is the opportunity to join the TopGolf family. This past month of being in the trailer has been one of the most exciting times, and I've heard there's more to come when we open. I expect our opening to be nothing less than spectacular. Here's to only a few more weeks in the trailer! *Cheers!*

TG love and mine,


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