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Tee Up For What

Tee Up For What

Not long after I starting working for Topgolf, I began to hear talk of something called "Tee-Up Crew." I listened to conversations and figured that the obvious explanation was that Topgolf had a traveling gang½ What?

Obviously I was confused and wanted to know more! I began asking some of the veteran Associates and came the conclusion that Tee-Up Crew was something pretty amazing½and definitely something I wanted to be a part of.

So, what's the definition?

Tee Up Crew: noun

  1. A group of TopGolf rockstars taken from varying sites to create one incredible team of trainers who are sent to brand new Topgolf locations
  2. A downright good-looking group of tiara-wearing trainers who travel in the name of spreading Topgolf culture

If that doesn't sound like a bucket of fun, I'm not sure what does. Figuring out that I could potentially travel to brand new sites and train a whole new family of Topgolfers practically had me drooling. I had my mind made up and whole-heartedly decided that I would do whatever it took to be a part of something so unique.

Right now½ Typing away on my little laptop, I am in Houston, Texas! I, Shannon Lesney, am officially part of the Topgolf Tee-Up Crew for our new site, Houston North! I must admit, being a part of this Tee-Up Crew has been nothing short of amazing. I have a team of about 20 Associates who have instantly become family.

If you're still a little lost, let's break it down a little farther. How about the 5 W's½

Who: A group of associates from varying Topgolf sites who are brought together to train newly hired Associates

What: What the heck do they do? Frequently dressing up in costumes consisting mostly of tiaras and over-sized bow ties, Tee-Up Crew is responsible for teaching all new Associates' core classes, skills classes, and facilitating practices like mock service.

When: Any time there is a new site on the verge of a grand opening, the Tee-Up Crew flies/drives/kayaks to that site for about a six-week stay.

Where: Every single spanking new Topgolf site!

Why: Possibly the most important distinction of Tee-Up Crew is that it comprises Associates from all different sites across the world to create a diverse and multi-talented group. Each individual is hand-selected so that the group has an extremely potent combination of skill, personality and sass.

If you're still not sold, let me end with one last fact for you to ponder: we have secret handshakes.

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