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Topgolf is Changing: See Our Makeover

We all know the importance of a logo right? It's the brand mark.  It's the icon, symbol or stamp that people recognize.  Nike, Starbucks, Pepsi, Apple and the like all have that brand recognition that every marketer wants.  But even those big brands made changes to their logos over time.  They evolved as the company changed and trends changed too.  That's where we are with TopGolf (actually, now it's Topgolf). We're evolving!

We just launched our new look logo to the management team at Topgolf.  You might be thinking, what's wrong with the logo as it is?  Nothing really. Actually, you (our guests) told us you liked it during our research. So why did we change it?  Because some subtle changes to our shield make it more user-friendly for our designers, and a change in the font enhanced people's perception of what the Topgolf experience is.  This is extremely important for Topgolf as we open new locations in new markets. We have a lot of people to introduce to our brand in the next couple of years.

Old Logo

New Logo

What's new?

Subtle changes to the shield to make it more recognizable across different formats. When we shrink the current shield, the target (arguably the most important element) is almost non-recognizable. A few years ago, this didn't matter as we rarely had to shrink it to such extremes. Nowadays we have to fit our logo on an icon for a mobile app. If you haven't downloaded the Topgolf mobile app, grab your phone right now. Do it!

We also have to embroider the logo on shirts, hats, gloves and all things apparel. The existing shield format brought the background to the fore rather than the target and made for some interesting interpretations of our logo when embroidered.

The biggest change is the font. You'll see the change from capital T and G to all caps. Our research showed that the existing logo was seen as fun and family friendly. Great characteristics!  The all caps version, however, was seen as more exciting, sporty and modern. It is important for us to convey to people that we're a modern sports complex so we set about making the change.

During the next few months, we'll be updating the locations and marketing materials to reflect the change. It takes time to phase out the old logo, but next time you're at Topgolf you'll start to see the new one make an appearance. We hope you like it as much as we do!

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