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7 Things Observed at a Topgolf Video Shoot

7 Things Observed at a Topgolf Video Shoot

Remember Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? Of course you do. How could anyone forget the movie where time stood still and we had to relive Feb. 2 over and over again?

A video shoot is similar to that movie in that scenes and specific lines are repeated continually. The added twist with a video shoot is that there are tiny tweaks during each take to ultimately win that perfect shot.

Now, do you remember your first time? That is, your first time at Topgolf. Well if you’re nervous, there’s no need to be. According to his book, Dr. St. Von Powell will guide you through it slowly, one stroke at a time.

So besides observing a handful of scenes acted out a plethora of times and some playful humor about your first time, here is what I observed during my backstage Topgolf video shoot experience:


No Actor Left Unfed. Seriously, full tummies are happy tummies. Not only are the main meals like lunch and dinner provided, but there are also snacks EVERYWHERE. Literally, everywhere you turn there are fruits, veggies, cheese and crackers, and everything chocolate covered you can imagine. To be honest, I think the stage crew and actors can all agree that the overflowing snack bar gets them through those repetitive retakes.


Let’s reinforce the “light” part of that well-known Hollywood phrase. The future of this video shoot couldn’t be brighter than the amount of lights that were used in its production. Lights covered almost every square inch of the set (and then some) in order to catch the perfect lighting for each scene.

3. Suggestive Jokes

Do your remember your first time? Were you nervous? How sweaty did you get? Did it take you long to get there? Multiple scenes and retakes asking about your first time at Topgolf created no short supply of childlike giggling and laughter throughout the day.

4. Turtlenecks, Wedges, and Make-up, Oh My!

Pretty predictable, but yes, wardrobe plays a key component in the production of any kind of video. Comments such as, “What wedges should girl #2 wear even though her feet aren’t showing in any of the scenes until late tonight?” could be heard throughout the day. Head-to-toe wardrobe does matter, and it’s not that uncommon to see someone doing a last-minute clothing alteration on a video shoot. Lesson learned: Nothing is too small and unimportant when it comes to a video shoot.

5. USA! USA!

Umm, who wouldn’t be whooping and hollering when the United States Women’s Soccer Team steals a big win? That’s right, nobody. However, the microphones on set pick up just about everything, so our unscripted whooping and hollering required many scenes do-overs. The extremely sensitive microphones require next to no background noise in order to create the clearest audio takes … which leads us to…

6. DJ CottonballZ & Company

Yep we had a DJ and crowd in place to create the tantalizing night scene that wasn’t exactly tantalizing. What I mean is that no music was playing and the dancing was in silence. Again, we need the clearest audio takes, yet we also want a visually accurate representation of nightlife on a Topgolf terrace. Shout out to our very own Marketing Graphic Designer Blake for throwing down some sick and silent beats as DJ CottonballZ!

7. Have Fun!

The biggest thing I observed at a Topgolf video shoot is the importance of having fun. No matter where you are in the production process, having fun is inevitable during filming. Awkward faces, bloopers and good company made the experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

Interested in what the final product of the Topgolf video shoot is going to look like? Follow our @topgolf accounts on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to stay tuned in for more information!

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