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A Time to Thrill

A Time to Thrill

The day had finally come, a day that had been looming in my mind for over a week. The day began like any other day, and after completing my daily 10,000 push-ups and 30,000 sit-ups, I showered, ate breakfast and left for work. While the day began normally, the ever-nearing night would be like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It is 6p.m., only an hour left before the big moment, time to suit up; for you see, I was going to throw out the first pitch at The Colony High School baseball game. Now let me preface this with the fact that in ‘94 I played College Football*, and I was always the quarterback. I’ve played in big games before, but I had never been this nervous…

Just three days prior I had a dream, nay, more of a nightmare. There I am, atop the dirt mound that lies 60 feet away from home plate. As I wind up to throw, the wind pushes hair across my brow and a lone eagle circles the sky above. I release the ball, but instead of it going to the catcher’s mitt, it goes five feet straight to the ground where the eagle swoops down to grab it like a frightened rodent in the Mojave Desert. It flies high into the air and releases the ball directly above me. The ball hurdles down toward my face, and, just as it is inches away from giving me a black eye, I wake up, my bed covered in sweat. There’s only 15 minutes left until game time…

I make my way to the field, and along the way I greet the faithful Cougar fans. I get to meet the Cougar baseball team, and they welcome me with open arms. We trade stories and tell tales of victories past, when I explain to them that I may throw the ball straight into the dirt. The time has come. The team’s encouragement echoes in the background as I head to the mound. I take a deep breath, put my right foot on the rubber, and take aim at the catcher’s mitt staring back at me…

For a moment, I fear that my dream may be a harbinger of things to come. My nerves were at an all-time high, but then I saw something that changed my outlook completely. In the midst of the crowd, a young Joseph Gordon Levitt stood, flapping his arms like a bird.Then I noticed the entire Cougar Baseball Team flapping their angel wings. It was at this moment, with the entire crowd on its feet, wings a flappin’, I knew I was about to throw a strike. It’s go time…

I focus back on the mitt and the encouragement from the crowd brought upon a few tears of joy. As they ran down my face and slowly trickled into my beard, it reminded me of just how I old really am compared to the baby-faced youth of today. Trying to pull my best Rick “The Wildthing” Vaughn impression, I whizzed a 15mph strike right down the center of the plate. The crowd went wild as I belted a booming “GO COUGARS!!!” It was the thrill of a lifetime, even better than when I won the College Football* National Championship.

The End

*Bill Walsh College Football Video Game

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