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Anything for Topgolf

Anything for Topgolf

Behind the scenes at Topgolf, we have A LOT going on. I’m sure you’ve all seen the Bussers and Bay Hosts rushing back and forth to ensure guests receive their delectable Mushi roll before it gets cold, or maybe you’ve noticed how often maintenance has to collect the thousands of golf balls hit onto our turf on any given day. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind those behind-the-scenes moments? That’s right. There are many situations that can often go unnoticed.

Joining the Topgolf family back in January was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. Besides the positive upbeat attitudes of all who work here and the endless ways to get more involved within the company, I have had the fortunate pleasure of meeting some of the most dedicated and hardworking Associates of all time! Yes, I have had my fair share of co-workers who would stay late or take on special tasks assigned by management in the past, but nothing, I repeat nothing, can compare to some of the above-and-beyond situations I have seen my fellow Topgolf Associates be a part of. These situations can be anything from accepting an outrageous request, solving a crazy problem, doing something totally unbearable or embarrassing, or going out of your normally assigned duties to save the day and keep things running smoothly! Even more, these “acts of service,” as I will call them, reach beyond our usual Associates. We have even seen family members and guests alike show their willingness to do “Anything for Topgolf.” 

Some of the best “Anything for Topgolf” moments I have personally witnessed or taken part of include, but are not limited to: Spending hours hosing down the dumpsters outside; Having an Associate’s mother search four different stores to find the perfect sand sifters for a “panning for gold” activity during spirit week; waking up at 5 a.m. to gather golf balls stuck in the muddy puddles (and when I say puddles, I mean lakes) after some huge storms; giving up the Fourth of July to add the finishing touches to the new turf before a big reopening; washing cars for charity in the rain (see the irony?); making a fool out of yourself on a mechanical bull to draw some attention and get the guests engaged; or even (attempting to) sing your lungs out at karaoke to get the audience pumped. I first coined this phrase, “Anything for Topgolf” as a response to little tasks my manager was trying to solve. It first came across as a joke, but then it sort of stuck. 

So next time you see any Topgolf Associate/family member/guest do anything absolutely outstanding before your eyes, raise your fist with pride, give ‘em a look in the eyes, and shout with them, “ANYTHING FOR TOPGOLF!”

Jamie Mahoney
Safety Club Party For a Cure Turf Crew

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