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Beating the Heat Topgolf Style

Beating the Heat Topgolf Style

“Don’t worry, it’s a dry heat.”

For a Topgolf management team that consisted primarily of people from out of state, this was the common reply we got from Arizona locals when the topic of weather came up before we opened the facility. Turns out dry heat is still ridiculously hot…like sticking your head in an oven hot. While Topgolf has braved the elements in some of the other locations, the Scottsdale site was the first site built in a location where triple digit temps are the norm for a solid four to five months. Desert life at its finest!

While your average summer day in the Valley may tempt you to just sit in front of your AC unit, Topgolf Scottsdale at Riverwalk offers enough ‘cool’ incentives to get people off the couch and into a hitting bay even on the hottest days.

The first of these is our state-of-the-art combined fan and mister system. Set up along all three tee lines, this cooling system is just the right distance from the hitting bays to blast the guests with fresh, cool air. Not only does this system keep guests on the tee line comfortable, but it cools down our guests lounging on the rooftop terrace as well. The most popular outdoor venues in the Valley succeed during the hot summer days (and nights) because of their cooling systems, so it made sense for Topgolf to provide the best!

Still too hot in the hitting bays? No worries at all! Topgolf also offers different indoor areas that give guests a chance to stay out of the heat. The first of these is ourlower lounge on the first floor. Relax on the couches and enjoy free use of the billiards, shuffleboard and Xbox Kinect. You heard me correctly…free of charge…in Scottsdale. You don’t have to pinch yourself – you’re not dreaming. And no Shoeless Joe, this is not Heaven…it’s Topgolf (if you haven’t seen Field of Dreams, do yourself a favor and watch it…like right now). As a place to sit, relax, play the games and enjoy our food & drinks, the lower lounge is a favorite place for both families and social seekers alike.


Looking for a more lively spot to enjoy your drink of choice and beat the heat? We’ve got that as well! Our second floor main bar is one of the most popular spots inside the building to avoid that desert sun. Not only is the air cool at the main bar, but so are the drinks made by our outstanding bartenders! The people watching isn’t bad either.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “You’re Topgolf…a driving range…why focus on the amenities inside of the building?” All we can say is that there is something beautiful in having options. Being able to provide alternative activities indoors is key for Topgolf when attempting to offer guests the best-in-class service. These various options are what make us proud to call ourselves the best entertainment facility in the Valley! Even when it’s 110 degrees outside.

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