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Choosing a Team Name for Topgolf Winter Leagues: A Think Piece

Choosing a Team Name for Topgolf Winter Leagues: A Think Piece

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, shiny holiday decor has been removed, and the last cele-bratory champagne bottle has been popped. The New Year is here, and there’s no choice but to resume the mundane tasks required of everyday life and patiently wait for the next reason to celebrate something (or anything, really). Oh, January…

By now, you’ve completed the obligatory demand of scribbling down a list of personal goals and expectations that you wish to fulfill over the next twelve months, which we affectionately (read: begrudgingly) refer to as “New Year’s Resolutions”. Hours after completing your list, the initial spike in ambition has worn off, and you’re left with nothing but a tattered scrap of paper contain-ing words and actions that you may or may not get around to in the coming year. Or ever. As you attempt to decipher your own scrawl of vague goals-in-question like “get fit” and “manage stress,” you realize that the majority of your goals aren’t attainable at this exact moment. And being a member of the instant gratification generation, you desperately want to soak up that last little bit of ambition you’re currently harboring. You continue down your list and find one that you can begin working on immediately, “Pick up a hobby that you enjoy.”

So it’s decided. You fire up your trusty iPad and begin googling local activities in your area. You scroll through seemingly endless pages of recreational sports leagues, water aerobics classes and, even in your weaker moments, find yourself scrolling through personal training pages of local gym websites (hey, working out can be a hobby, too, right?). Then suddenly something amazing happens: you remember that Topgolf place! You spend a moment reminiscing through somewhat hazy, yet extremely fond memories of your colleague’s birthday party, which was held at Topgolf a few months back. While you’ve never been the world’s best golfer, you re-member specifically just how much fun you had and, hey, the beer selection was pretty damn good too.

“Maybe I’ll spend some more time at Topgolf this year,” you say. Not only would this be consid-ered taking up a hobby, but also a great outlet to socialize a bit more with other members of the local community. You proceed to pay a visit to the Topgolf website. As you peruse the various pages that outline all that Topgolf has to offer and read a couple of their blog posts (like this awesome one), your mind becomes more committed to this idea. After all, you’ve come across various articles lately about Topgolf, all sharing the common thread that Topgolf is the happening place to be.

During your search, you manage to stumble across a mention of Topgolf Leagues. Upon further research, you see that their 4-man Winter League is beginning next week. NEXT WEEK! Panic sets in and in a moment of sheer adrenaline, you take to your phone. Texting like a fiend, you recruit three of your closest friends to join you in your new venture.

You proceed to navigate the registration page with a considerable amount of ease and pay the surprisingly reasonable team entry fee. As you scroll down to continue, you come across the open space intended for what you will be naming your team. Another wave of panic surges through you. After all, a good name will set the tone of your team dynamic and set you up for ultimate success throughout the season. So how do you choose?

There are a few ways that you can approach naming your team:

You could play it safe and choose a tamer, more classic team name, like “The Drivers,” but who are you kidding, you’ve never been known to play it safe.

In an attempt to be amusing, you could also choose a completely off-the-wall name, entirely un-related to golf. But on second thought, perhaps you want to celebrate the fact that you’ve taken the step to join a golf-related league, so why not at least give the sport the nod that it deserves, and of course, make certain that while you’re bragging about your team to your colleagues, they won’t just nod along wondering what “The Fire-Breathing Unicorns” is really referring to.

Pop culture references are another avenue that is sure to never steer you in the wrong direction, so you might consider choosing a name like “The Shooter McGavins” or simply “Caddyshack.”

Then there’s always the fan-favorite option of exploring the world of golf-related puns and word-play. Perhaps the greatest part of choosing a name that falls under this category is that the pos-sibilities are endless. Your team name can be clever and thought-provoking, while still teetering borderline-obscenity. Just imagine the glory and satisfaction that would be yours week after week, knowing that your team of four, “Hit it & Quit It,” has once again come out on top (no pun intended).

If none of the above options particularly strike your fancy, you can utilize the classic team name formula of choosing a couple of golf-related words and add in an adjective to really spike up the pizzaz. After all, who could dislike a team with a name as fun-loving as the “Fantastic Fairway Foresome”?

So the time has come. Hours have passed, and you’ve settled on the perfect name for your team. You type it into the open space that’s been staring back at you, complete the registration process, and with one final ounce of mental strength, scroll down the page and submit your reg-istration. Now all that’s left to do before your first week of Winter League is polish your clubs, pull out your snazziest golf attire, and work on your game face and smack-talking.

Give yourself a pat on the back because, you sir (or madam), have earned yourself a well-deserved beer. #SipSwingRepeat

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