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Everyone Remembers Their First Time at Topgolf

Everyone Remembers Their First Time at Topgolf

Just the other day a group of four friends came to Topgolf for the first time, and they were blown away with how much fun they had. It took me back to the first time I had ever visited Topgolf…

It was a crisp Sunday evening, and my friends and I were looking for an adventure. As if we were preparing a strategic battle formation, we sat around the coffee table and discussed the possibilities for the night. “Dave and Busters, Main Event, Six Flags!” my friends yelled back and forth. Then, finally, John squeaked out a, “Have you guys heard of Topgolf?” He could tell from the befuddled looks on our faces that we hadn’t, but we all knew at that moment that our night had been planned.

After everyone gathered their clubs, dressed in our Sunday’s best, we hit the road and headed toward Topgolf Dallas. Excitement peppered with anticipation made the 10- minute drive feel like a cross country trip to Wally World with Clark Griswald at the wheel, but we finally made it to parking lot, all itching to get out and discover for ourselves what exactly Topgolf is. Walking up to the doors, we were surrounded by batting cages, mini golf and a few avid equestrians. Then we walked into the sliding glass doors, and the magic began.

Greeted at the door and led to the Let’s Play desk, we purchased our memberships and game credit. Back then, you had to go to a ball machine where each one of your balls was delivered one at a time into a green bucket below. (Today balls are conveniently dispensed in the bay!) My balls had just finished dispensing, or so I thought. After I removed the bucket, two more balls shot out from the machine and spewed to the left and right (much like my golf shots). I finally gathered all of my balls and headed to the bay.

Upon arriving at the bay, we were greeted by a warm and friendly Bay Host who promptly brought us our Arnold Palmers. After a couple hours of fun, we noticed we spent all of our game credit! My friend Nate made a mad dash for the Let’s Play desk to reload everyone’s card for one more games. He came back with our cards reloaded and cash still in hand. The fine people of Topgolf had given us free credit because it was our first time.

That’s a day that I will never forget, and it’s why I always love hearing about peoples’ first-time visit to Topgolf. 

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