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High School Golf Catches a Big Break

High School Golf Catches a Big Break

There’s something refreshing about starting a new school year. New year, new me, right? Going back to school means supplies, schedules and, of course, team practices.

High school sports teams all over the country are gearing up and getting ready for the approaching seasons. Whether it is tennis, basketball, football or golf, all of these teams have one goal in mind: improvement from the previous season.

Topgolf believes in this goal, and in efforts to grow the game of golf, complimentary play will be available for all high school golf teams in the United States. Yes, you read that correctly. FREE Topgolf is available for high school golf teams.

We are so thrilled to offer this new promotion that we decided to invite the Keller High School boys’ golf team from Keller, Texas out and let them experience it for themselves. Here is what the guys have to say:


What is the biggest benefit that you and your team will obtain from this new offer?

“Well, obviously when the weather is poor, we can’t go to our home course, Sky Creek Ranch, to practice and play. Having the option to go to Topgolf when the weather is bad will give us the benefit of working on our swing and not missing a practice.”- Mike

“And just like Ben Hogan always said, ‘Every day that I missed practicing takes me one day longer to be good.’”- Hayden

“Also, it’s cool to go here when the weather is bad because we can still see our shots and where the balls actually go. Usually when the weather is bad, we go to a golf store and hit into simulator. It’s nice, but it will be much more beneficial to actually see the ball flight in inclement weather because sometimes we are playing tournaments in bad weather.”- Cole

Do you think Topgolf will help you prepare for competition and tournaments this fall?

“Absolutely. Topgolf will really help with our wedge game. Short game is what it’s all about, and if we can’t be accurate with our wedges then we won’t score well. So yes, this will definitely help with target practice.”- Chaseassets/uploads/blog/blog-high-school-5.jpg 

Are you excited about this new offer? Why?

“For sure! Who wouldn’t be excited about free Topgolf? It will be a fun way to switch up practices every once in awhile. Plus, the food rocks.”- Matt

How does Topgolf impact your team and does it offer anything valuable to your players?

“Changing up the way we practice allows our team to bond in a fun environment and sharpen our game at the same time. Topgolf brings out our players’ fun and competitive edge, which is just what we need to get ready for the upcoming golf season.”- Coach Chris Ball

Excited about this new offer? We are too! Please check out topgolf.com/donations for more details and to make a reservation for your high school golf team. We hope to see your local high school golf teams out and preparing for this upcoming season soon! 

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