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Lovin' the Game

Lovin' the Game

There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than seeing a Topgolfer hit the ball better. We spend our time finding ways to unlock the inner talents of all abilities; whether it’s a beginner golfer getting the ball in the air for the first time or the established player hitting a best score.

I’d like to show you a few examples of some of the improvements Topgolf Coaching has made for golfers around the world.


Pictured below is a newcomer to golf who is passionate about the game. In the photo (left) we have a movement that produced a quick snappy swing that made it impossible to hit longer clubs consistently. We made some changes to produce a longer arm swing (photo right) that was still linked with good body movement and produced some great results in driving distance and accuracy, as well as more playability from a variety of lies.



Here is a more established club golfer wanting to lower his handicap. It’s important not to give too much information and overcomplicate the thinking process with more established golfers. We therefore went through a very simple thought change; swishing the club head earlier (putting more momentum in the club head rather than the arms) into the backswing. This produced better tempo as well as a club position more parallel at the top, leading to a more controlled downswing and better body movement into impact. The end result gave more distance.



This is one of our elite golfers playing college golf in Dayton, Ohio. He has had lots of great results over the years; however, after a recent stint without coaching, he’d picked up a few bad habits. In the photo on the right, we can see over rotation in the hips, creating instability in the lower half and therefore being compensated by a short arm swing. By improving his sequence and transition, we created a more stable lower half and more synchronised arm and body swing (photo left). This resulted in better timing and tempo, and qualification on the golf team the following semester.


We use V1 swing software to show pupils the improvements they make. After each coaching session, videos of the lesson and the improvement areas are sent to pupils as a reminder of what to work on during practice.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of these golfers, get in touch with us or follow us on Twitter @TopgolfCoaching for more tips and advice that can help you. Lovin’ the Game.

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