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So Many Candles, So Little Cake

So Many Candles, So Little Cake

Can you believe that only 1 in 8 adults celebrate their birthday every year?

When you’re young, your world revolves around that day. So many decisions. So much planning. What’s the theme going to be? Who are you going to invite? What’s the cake situation?

According to a 2016 Regina Corso study, birthday celebrations slow down after the age of 18, with only one in eight celebrating every year. Yet four in five Americans agree that kids shouldn’t be having all the fun, and that adults need to have more birthday parties.

If 80 percent of Americans are 100 percent sure that adults need to have more birthday parties, what’s stopping them? Great question. Over three-quarters of people surveyed think their friends and family would attend more adult birthday parties if there were a fun place for everyone to go.

These survey results suggest that there may be a younger version of ourselves living inside of us who is still yearning for a return to pure joy. After all, what adult doesn’t enjoy good food, good drinks and good times? Aren’t those the reasons we wanted to get older in the first place?

Here are some birthday celebration ideas to get the inspiration flowing:

1) Topgolf -- Each venue provides interactive entertainment as well as private event space for hosting. Plus, there’s just something about music bumping in the background as you set your beer down next to a plate of chicken nachos, then proceed to grip and rip a 3-wood about three-and-a-half yards as several of your friends cheer on. Whatever that something is, it ends up bringing back all the same feels of those Batman-themed parties of yesteryear. That something could also just be the beer, who knows. But it’s most likely the beer.

2) Lantern Festival -- In recent years, the idea of going out into the middle of nowhere, listening to live music, eating and drinking and then setting off hundreds of lanterns into the night sky has become pretty popular. In fact, Google “lantern festival” and you’ll discover a handful of organizations that tour the country and put these festivals on. It’s a fun way to get outside and enjoy the company of family and friends.

3) Good Old-Fashioned Tailgate -- Sports are pretty much a year-round thing. If there’s no football, there’s basketball. If there’s no basketball, there’s hockey. If all else fails, there’s always baseball. Experiencing the game is one thing, but the parking lot is where the real party happens. Whether it’s a college or professional game, there’s plenty of room for games, food, drinks and friends.

4) Host a Blind Wine or Beer Tasting Party -- There’s no need to head to Napa or the pubs to have a tasting as a group. Bring the party into your home! Get a head count on how many friends are coming (for food) and ask them to each bring a bottle of wine or pack of beer - depending on what type of tasting you’re having. To add another layer of fun, blindfold your guests and test their palates to see if they can guess the different notes of wine or style of beer. There are no losers when wine and beer is involved.

5) Puppies & Kittens -- If you’re looking for an activity filled with pure joy and unconditional love, look no further than your local animal shelter. Round up your friends, swing by the pet store for some treats and toys and then head over to see our fury friends. After an hour or so of jubilation, grab some food and drinks nearby and reminisce on another year of life … and possibly a newly adopted pet.


So, throw a party. A party where the space doesn’t limit the guest list. A party where everyone is having as much fun as the birthday boy or girl.

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