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SXSW Attendees, Get Ready for Weird

SXSW Attendees, Get Ready for Weird

The definition of weird is as follows: very strange; bizzare. The definition of Texas’ state capitol, Austin, is as follows: weird.

Recently, Forbes named Austin “The Best City to Live In.” Since there is high demand to move to the Texas capital, it has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. The phrase “Keep Austin Weird” has been attached with Austin for quite some time, but what makes “weird” so attractive?

I am convinced this city could survive solely on barbeque, tacos, and queso. Ask any Austin native to name his or her top five barbeque or taco joints, and you will get a different response from each person. Maybe it is a little strange that people wake up at 6 a.m. to wait in line for five hours to get barbeque or tacos…and for it to be worth it. Many would find it odd that there are hundreds of taco joints in this city, but others find it even stranger that there aren’t 100 more!

My top 3 taco spots:

Austin provides all the necessary tools to create the best memories of someone’s life. As the Live Music Capital of the World, there is always a show to see. You could be at SXSW, ACL or Euphoria Festival with hundreds of thousands of other music lovers, or you can be in a dive bar on 6th Street with 15 strangers having the best time of your life. There are more than 200 music venues to choose from, delivering a different experience at each of them. Austinites show the same love for an artist who is performing live for the first time as they do for the headliner at our biggest festival. Freedom of expression goes a lot further than just music. At Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, it’s even acceptable to graffiti all of the walls. Every day, this unique city monument is filled with artists who come out and add their own personal touch to this massive masterpiece.

My top 3 spots to enjoy the arts:

Nature is a huge part of why Austin has such good vibes. There are amazing opportunities to have a relaxing experience everywhere you look. Walk one block past downtown Austin, and you be presented with some options. Hop in a kayak or jump on a paddleboard for your aquatic adventure! Lady Bird Lake goes right through the epicenter of the city, and it is always packed with free spirits (see also: super chill people). Paddle far enough and you’ll land in Barton Springs, where it stays a perfect 68 degrees year-round! If you venture a few more miles, you enter Hill Country. There, the beautiful view makes you forget that you are in a city of nearly one million people. From the peace of Hamilton Pool to the chaos of downtown, there is a little bit of everything!

My top 3 nature spots:

With the ongoing expansion in North Austin, this city now represents a perfect cross-section of America. We have college students, young professionals, “hipsters,” people of all cultures and backgrounds, nature lovers, business people who work in high rises, entrepreneurs who work in garages, lots of tattoos, and guys with beards thicker than the queso at your favorite Mexican restaurant. This culture of acceptance is what allows the growth to happen so smoothly (unless you are on the streets during rush hour…nothing smooth about that).

How does a brand target people from all walks of life in a city like Austin? It gives them a place to come together and share an experience unlike any other. The hitting bays, bars and lounging areas of Topgolf create an environment worthy of all the energy that this city brings.

This growth has made Austin weirder, and that weirdness just makes us stronger. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes our love for new cultures. So if you’re in town for SXSW or ACL or any other cool event worthy of an edgy acronym, think about what makes you unique and contribute to this melting pot that has been created and worked on for so many generations. Then, whip out your Topgolf card and experience the brand that has not only bought into the “weird” culture, but embraces it!

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