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The Busy Life of a Mom

The Busy Life of a Mom

The last time the tooth fairy visited our house, she left $20 under my daughter Joselynn’s pillow. In our household, the reward for a tooth would normally be a few dollars, but luck was in my daughter’s favor on this particular night. Joselynn lost her tooth just before bedtime, leaving me no time to gather the appropriate denominations of cash. All I had in my wallet was a $20 bill. Giving up the money to ensure the tooth fairy did not disappoint my daughter was the easy part; the bigger challenge was trying to figure out how not to pay $20 for the next tooth since I just significantly increased my daughter’s expectations for the tooth fairy’s bounty.

Whether it’s losing a tooth or planning for a birthday, sometimes keeping up with life feels like a video game where I find myself on my last life right before the most critical point in the game. Between gymnastics, music lessons, homework, dinner and all the other endless responsibilities that come with parenthood, getting my kids to bed on time is a nightly miracle - having time to properly plan anything else can seem nearly impossible. If I were honest, I’d have to admit I haven’t been the best at planning my kids’ birthdays. In the past, I would rely on coordinating a family gathering at the last minute; but now that we moved to Texas and are 1,200 miles from our nearest relative, it’s time to rethink my birthday party strategy.

A few months ago, I started working on a project for Topgolf’s Event Sales Department to create a platform for our Guests to reserve and pay for kids’ birthdays and social events online. I was beyond thrilled to be a part of this new offering. I know how hard it can be to squeeze in managing the details of an event in an already busy schedule, and having been a Mom for more than a decade, I more than appreciate the ability to plan an event when it works conveniently into my schedule – which is typically at the crack of dawn, prior to my children waking up for another day of world domination.

Topgolf’s online booking feature is now live – a bonus for Moms everywhere, or at least where Topgolf currently has a venue. In addition to offering online booking options for youth, we are also piloting social event offerings for adults, which means I can plan an event online for my husband’s birthday three days out and make him think I planned it weeks ago – surprise! There are some moments in life that deserve to be celebrated and shared with friends and family. I love knowing that somehow Topgolf is making it easier for our Guests to plan these special moments. It has been said that “time is money,” and this process is sure to save you on both. When you’re planning your next special occasion, check out Topgolf.com (when you have a free moment) and save the extra cash for the tooth fairy.

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