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What Happens at Topgolf When It Snows?

What Happens at Topgolf When It Snows?

Topgolf is a global sports entertainment brand, having grown to 31 venues worldwide in the last 17 years. With rapid expansion underway around the globe, Topgolf has, at times, run into some interesting climate challenges. Currently, there are multiple venues located throughout “warm” states such as Arizona, Texas and Florida. There are also the “cold” states, such as Colorado, Illinois and Utah, along with many others. Many Guests are surprised to learn that because our hitting bays are climate-controlled, Topgolf is open 363 days a year. But one might ask, “What happens to the field when it snows?” Let us tell you how we handle the snow so you can handle your club.

Enter the Topgolf Snow Team!

“I’ve never seen snow fall before from the sky,” said Garrett Fletcher, Topgolf Salt Lake City Team Lead and “Snow Captain.”

Garrett transferred from Topgolf San Antonio, and even though he’d never seen snow, he volunteered to be the Snow Team Lead. “It’s as if I’m a kid – I get to play in the snow!”

Snow Team isn’t always fun and games though. Each cold-weather venue has a voluntary snow team. This includes Associates from each department of the building, from Bay Hosts and Bartenders to Guest Services and Chefs. Together with the Facilities crew, the snow team’s one priority is to get Topgolf open on time. Usually arriving at 5 a.m. on snow days, the snow team has four hours to set the building up for a successful day.

With the weather sometimes as low as two degrees Fahrenheit, it can be tricky to know what to wear to stay warm. Anthony Smith, a Snow Team/Bay Host at Topgolf Salt Lake City said, “The wind is what gets you the most, so I’m always wearing about four or five layers.” When asked, the majority of the Snow Team said they wear between three and six layers, depending on comfort.

We can’t forget about all the equipment needed to help clear out the snow. Each cold-weather venue is equipped with a Ford F-150 with attached plow, a bobcat, two snow blowers, eight snow shovels and a huge pallet of ice melt. After hours of hard work, it’s the kitchen who helps finish off the day. Chefs come in early to help prepare a hearty breakfast to help replenish the energy used to clear the field and targets of snow. All of these Associates make it possible to open on time and create a great experience for all the Guests.

With all this mention of hard work, you’re probably wondering, “Who in their right mind would volunteer for this?!”

Anthony had one simple answer, “Because I love this company. We all volunteer on different levels, and we need people to step up and take initiative.”

The Facility Manager at Topgolf Salt Lake City, Kelly Flygare, said it perfectly, “I want to make sure the team knows that they are appreciated. Without them, it wouldn’t happen. It’s an opportunity for those who really care about the venue and care about the success of Topgolf as a corporation, to rise to the top and show that! Not a lot people want to get up in the middle of the night to go do hard labor, even when they have a shift later that night…so hats off to them!”

Without awesome Associates and their #OneTeam mentality, none of this would be possible. And because this all happens in the wee hours of the morning, it almost always goes unnoticed. So THANK YOU to all our Snow Teams at Topgolf. Cold-weather venues wouldn’t share the joy of Topgolf without you.

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