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What Makes a Good Team-Building Event?

What Makes a Good Team-Building Event?

Everybody loves a good team-building event. You get to leave the office, go do something fun and interact with co-workers outside of the more structured workplace environment. That said, a good team-building exercise has to be about more than just fun. It’s can’t be ambiguous — its purpose is right there in the name. While a trip to a baseball game or dinner out on the town may be excellent social events, they don’t necessarily fulfill the function of a team-building event: to build your team! These social outings are fun, but they don’t serve a higher purpose.

Likewise, a more traditional team-building exercise, such as a ropes or confidence course, can be so on the nose and obvious that team members take a cynical attitude about them. “Here we go to bond. Yippee.” They are functional but lacking in fun or easy access for everyone. Team-building events at Topgolf, however, manage to combine fun and function to deliver an activity that will not only be remembered as a fun couple of hours away from the workplace but which will, more importantly, forge a stronger and better functioning group dynamic.

A good team-building event has to involve networking and socializing. Topgolf offers the perfect venue to relax and get to know each other better. Our bays, where the game itself is played, feature private lounge areas where your team can sit back and talk. If you aren’t swinging a club, you are enjoying some of Topgolf’s great food, you are having a beverage in our upscale venue, or you are enjoying the weather on our rooftop terrace. Most critically, you are doing all of this in company of your teammates. You are becoming more familiar and more comfortable with the people who you work with every day, but might not really know.

The various Topgolf games allow teammates to see each other in a different light than in the traditional workplace. A team member who is generally reserved may come out of his or her shell when points are on the line. New leaders can emerge and team members’ traditional roles can be shaken up. Everyone will learn something new about their workmates, and this greater understanding and comfort can only result in better communication, not just in the Topgolf bays, but back at the office as well. This increased comfort and understanding results in increased productivity and creativity.

People like to win, and any good team-building activity includes an aspect of competition. In high-pressure work environments, competition has been shown, in study after study, to increase production. Our games are fun, and the competition aspect allows team members to bond in a unique way. Everyone likes playing games, and everyone loves having bragging rights! Anyone can play Topgolf, from aspiring pros to those who’ve never walked 18 holes. All you have to do is swing a club and try to hit your microchipped balls into dartboard-like targets. Because of the way the game is structured, people who have never touched a golf club before can hold their own against seasoned veterans. It’s competitive. It’s fun. And it’s always better with a big group!

Topgolf offers businesses an excellent opportunity for unique team-building activities. Whether your team is six people or 600, Topgolf will combine fun and function into an event that will be both a good time for everyone involved and a real benefit to the company as a whole.

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