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Why Topgolf is Good for Your Health

Why Topgolf is Good for Your Health

January is when we all promise that we will eat healthier, go to the gym more and generally try and be more active. Then all of a sudden, February comes around. Bye-bye New Year’s resolutions.

But exercising doesn’t need to be boring – it doesn’t even need to consume too much of your time or distract you from your normal routine (especially when your routine consists of a Topgolf visit every week!).

We challenged three of our Associates to a game of Topgolf to record how many calories they burned in the time it took to play just one game. We even used different trackers and Topgolf skill levels to give us a better average for our results - proof that a healthy you is more achievable than ever before.


Livi – Marketing Executive


Tracker of Choice: Fitbit Charge HR
Topgolf Skill Level: Beginner
Time to Play: 6 minutes 49 seconds
Calories Burned: 17

George – Marketing Team Leader


Tracker of Choice: Apple Watch Series 2
Topgolf Skill Level: Advanced
Time to Play: 6 minutes 33 seconds
Calories Burned: 55

Lauren – Sales Executive


Tracker of Choice: Polar Watch
Topgolf Skill Level: Rookie
Time to Play: 7 minutes 13 seconds
Calories Burned: 35

Average calories burned playing one game: 35.6 (equivalent of doing 180 sit-ups )
Average time to play one game of Topgolf solo: 6 minutes 52 seconds

Our Simple Formula:

20 balls every 7 minutes = 8 games of Topgolf in one hour, which means you would burn 284.8 calories playing one hour of Topgolf!*

*We did all have a bay each for this experiment, which means we got through 20 balls in rapid time. It takes longer to complete a game when you’re sharing a bay with friends, which will reduce the calories you can burn – but you will still be burning calories whilst you’re having a good time, and that’s the real win.

So there you have it – Topgolf is good for your health. So swap the sit-ups for a game or two with your friends – exercise will never be the same again.


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