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5 Reasons Why You Need to Enter the Topgolf Chigwell Pro-Am

5 Reasons Why You Need to Enter the Topgolf Chigwell Pro-Am

Topgolf’s biggest ever Pro-Am arrives at our Chigwell Venue on Tuesday 7thNovember. Whether you’re into prizes, publicity or an amazing night out, here’s my top five reasons you should enter.

1) The Prize Pot (obviously)

Yes, Topgolf is a wonderfully unique place to end the season and of course half the fun at a Pro-Am is the socialising. But let’s be honest; the prizes are what gets us signing up to competitions.  

We are anticipating Topgolf’s biggest ever Pro-Am prize pot this year, with cash going to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed Pros. There’ll also be an assortment of non-monetary prizes shared between the 1st and 2nd placed teams, as well as the top three amateurs. And thanks to our heated playing area, you can chase the prizes without stinging your fingers. Speaking of which…

2) Our all-weather facilities will enhance your whole competition

No amount of rain or driving wind will disrupt your vision (or grip) at this Pro-Am. With our bays shielded from the elements, you’ll be more concerned about wiping the buffalo wing sauce from your fingers then dirt from your club-heads. 

Our dry, comfortable and heated playing facilities mean that your partner and family can watch in support from the bay table. And between shots, you can join them and rest your legs while contemplating how convenient it is that using Topgolf’s balls means you won’t have to search after any OOB shots. Plus, if there’s a promising junior you’d like to team up with (we had plenty of young players at Topgolf Surrey’s Pro-Am) they’ll be kept safe and warm while they play.

3) It's an evening event

We’re all familiar with the classic Pro-Am dilemma. Enter, and you could win a decent prize pot and have a day off coaching. But what if you don’t win and miss out on lesson revenue? 

Well, you won’t have to worry about that at the Topgolf Pro-Am. We’re holding the competition on a Tuesday evening from 18.00-22.00, so you won’t be letting your lessons (and possibly your bank balance) down. And as Sky Sport’s commentators are always quick to remind us, a night under the floodlights is always extra special.

4) Party Atmosphere

I respect the dignified character and roast veg buffets of the traditional Clubhouse as much as anyone but when it comes to a night out, Topgolf is a different animal altogether. We’re talking great music, delicious food and service you won’t find anywhere else. 

Each Pro-Am team will be provided with a dedicated host, who will keep you topped up with nachos, buffalo wings, churros and whatever else you crave from our delicious menu. Plus, our fully-stocked bar will be open after the prize-giving if you’re still feeling thirsty. In the words of Danny Dyer, what else are you gonna do on a Tuesday? Seriously, the only football on that night is Southend vs Colchester in the Check-a-trade Trophy…

5) A Unique Game Format

Our party atmosphere, no-dress code rule and elevated bays might be what Topgolf is known for (in some cases) but what really makes us special is our games, and Pro-Am teams have the chance to play the best of them. 

Teams will attempt to outwit and outpoint each other over classic Topgolf, TopBreak and TopPressure. They’re games of strategy, accuracy and nerve – and Pro-Am entrants will have exclusive access to our prime upstairs bays while competing. If your form was top-notch over the season, you could excel at this one-of-a-kind tournament. If you were stuck in a rut, think of the competition as a chance to get loose and experiment.

And if you just need to relax, our Happy Hour is on between 5-7pm on the night.

Book your Pro-Am place here.

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