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5 Tips to Hack Valentines at Topgolf

5 Tips to Hack Valentines at Topgolf

Valentines Day can be a chore – especially when it comes to the big night out. Not will you have to splash out on whatever your partner desires, you’re also expected to dress up and look your best. Here’s our guide on hacking your Valentines date, so you can come up smelling of roses – and enjoy yourself at the same time.

    1) Sit opposite a sports screen 

While your date is eyeing you up, you can have a cheeky peek at the Europa League game going on behind their shoulder. It helps if you stroke your chin while doing this, so you look dead thoughtful and mysterious.

  • 2)  Lose the game but win the show  

How do you impress your loved one with amazing golf skills but keep them happy at the same time? Easy – just whack the ball as far as you can on every shot while letting them rack up points in the nearest target.

  • 3)  Winner winner cheeky dinner  

Topgolf venues serve up a tasty EDP or After School Club (available for adults too) food and game package from 4-6pm. Act like you’re being spontaneous with an early date time – and cash in on a deliciously sneaky, value-for-money meal.

  • 4) Last-minute gift 

We’ve all forgotten to buy a present and scrambled around for flowers at the last minute. If you still haven’t got a gift for your partner, grab a gift card here so the date itself is the present.

  • 5) Meet the parents 

Meeting someone’s Mum and Dad is always awkward; why not break the ice with a game of Topgolf? Plus, you’ll get bonus points for showing family commitment on a special day. 

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