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6 Reasons Topgolf Makes You a Better Student

6 Reasons Topgolf Makes You a Better Student

University is back in full swing; the January exams are long gone and the promise of a few more months away from home is an incredible feeling. Yet as the days continue to get longer, there seems to be less and less time to enjoy them. That’s because it’s coming up to crunch time. The business end of the season. Dissertations are started in earnest, and the bi-weekly night out is getting replaced by a different kind of all-nighter. It’s the time of year that students break up with alcohol and start a one-sided relationship with the library.

Fortunately, there’s a healthy way of coping with this change. Topgolf! Rather than staring at your computer screen as you slowly succumb to another bout of frustration and tears, get yourself to our Surrey, Chigwell or Watford sites and relax a little. It’ll make you a better student too! Here’s 6 reasons why.

1. Fresh Air and Exercise Increase Productivity

Whilst there hasn’t been a study to prove this, it’s said that the muggy, oppressive air of a student library is created from the souls of failed students. What studies do support though, is that fresh air and exercise stimulate the brain and boosts productivity.

Howard Tilton Library Computers 2010.jpg by Tulane Public Relations Licenced by CC 2.0

Visiting Topgolf is your key to achieving this. Whether that be taking aim at one of the 11 targets on our 240-yard driving range, or zipping round Surrey’s 9-hole course, Topgolf will re-invigorate your soul and get your blood pumping before you have to return to the library for that late-night study session.

2. A Healthy Work/Life Balance Relieves Stress

With the stress of deadlines looming over your head it’s important to take some time to recharge your batteries. Getting away from everything for even an hour a day helps to relieve stress and sharpen your focus. This doesn’t mean closing your textbooks and heading to the SU to drink your woes away. To really recharge, it’s been confirmed that you should go somewhere that doesn’t relate to work/school at all. Topgolf’s your answer!

Earth Globe Stress Ball by Lewis Ronald is Licenced by CC 3.0

Completely remove yourself from your working environment and let loose with a couple of drinks and a game of golf. With monthly ‘Your Round’ offers on drinks between 5-7pm Sunday-Friday there’s no better place to unwind after a tough day of lectures.

3. Working as a Team Develops Social Skills

It’s not just essays and coursework that students have to keep on top of; there’s always the fear of a lecturer handing your class an unexpected group project. Fortunately, Topgolf can help prepare you for this potentially unpleasant experience.

DSC_0088-1 by Jim Sorbie Licenced by CC 2.0

With each bay able to hold 6 people, and larger groups able to play together in adjacent bays, teamwork skills are a blast to develop with us. The pressure of nailing a group project and standing in front of the class giving a presentation pales in comparison to the terror of being 2 points behind the other team as you tee up your last shot.

4. A Nutritious Diet Improves Performance Levels

Healthy and well-fed students make better students and living off instant noodles and dry cereal can only go so far to providing a nutritious diet. Topgolf’s menu is sure to remedy this and put a fire in your belly.

Fruit-and-fibre.jpg by Ubcule Licenced by CC 3.0

Arrive at any of our venues before 12 o’clock and treat yourself to our breakfast menu, our Big Breakfast Bap costs just £6.25! If breakfast isn’t your style our kitchen stays open until 10pm every day, serving a variety of Burgers, Wraps and Snacks, making it perfect for those post-library munchies.

5. Time Management Helps You Do Your Best Work at Your Best Time

‘I developed excellent time management skills working on numerous essays/coursework/drinking sessions etc’ is a statement on every students CV. The reason for this? Accurate time management has actually been linked to higher achieving students.

Time Management Cartoon.svg by Vectortoons Licenced by CC 4.0

Learning to fit a quick game of Topgolf into your schedule will help develop this skill and prepare you for the intense revision sessions coming over Easter time. To help students out we offer any with valid NUS cards 50% off games if they visit us before 7pm Monday-Thursday.

6. Healthy Competition Promotes Individual Growth

Healthy competition and learning how to lose can make you a better student. Competition, in the truest sense, is all about pushing oneself, or one another, to give the best performance possible. At Topgolf we thrive off friendly competition.

Winner Tribute Podium is Licenced by CC 0

A daily leader board is on display at each site to show how you compare to other guests, and our ‘Beat the Pro’ events run frequently throughout the week with free lessons up for grabs for winners. By fostering healthy competition at Topgolf we encourage constant improvement, an attitude certain to help students succeed academically.

University can be tough place, and at times it can be stressful, especially in the lead up to summer. Yet at the end of the day every student needs a place to unwind, to have some food, and have a good time with friends. That’s where Topgolf’s got you covered. And even though your IQ might not skyrocket, we’re confident you’ll leave Topgolf refreshed and ready to take on that library one more time.

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