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8 Reasons Why it’s Better to be the Parent of a Golfer than a Footballer

8 Reasons Why it’s Better to be the Parent of a Golfer than a Footballer

1) Summer sport

Sure, we all like to support our kids on the touchlines but who actually wants to get cold and wet while doing it?

Sunny Golf Course

Golf season is exclusive to the summer – and we’d much rather be strolling up and down a sunlit green course than trampling about on a muddy pitch. Plus, a golf clubhouse is way superior to a football one – even if you’re not allowed in with dirty shoes.

2) Less clashing with other parents

Some people believe team sports are better for a child’s social skills than solo games. These people have never witnessed a furious dispute between grown men over which seven-year-old gets to take corners.

Antelopes Clashing

Sure, you might end up in a shouting match with a Mum over whether or not an out-of-bounds ball was dropped from the exact location of the knee – but at least you aren’t fighting with parents on the same team too.

3) Golf kids mature quicker

Golf is based on etiquette, rules, structure and most importantly, taking personal responsibility. Football is based on bending the rules, deceiving the referee and (if you’re as bad at football as we are) coasting along while your team-mates make up for your mistakes.

Rules and Etiquette

And if you don’t believe us, just watch ten minutes of Neymar Jr. to witness all of the above.

4) They won’t throw tantrums over their favourite team losing

There is an obvious exception for the Ryder Cup here, but with golf being an individual sport, fans get way less caught up in supporting a winning party.

Golf Fan

And even if they are obsessed with their favourite player winning, by the time they’re a teenager, they’ll be too embarrassed to admit how much they love Justin Rose.

5) Fewer injuries

We’ll leave this one to our Golf Activator Sean O’Regan, who hits approximately 300 golf balls per day.

Football Injury

“I have suffered two golf injuries in the past two years. One was a shoulder strain after two consecutive rounds, the other was when I reached a bit too far for a Capri-Sun that was at the bottom of my golf bag. I have however, damaged my hamstring twice playing five-a-side football in the past six months.”

6) You can play their sport with them

Aside from getting over-excited at the annual Dads vs Juniors game, when do you seriously get to go all out against your son/daughter in a parent/child footballing contest?

Dad and son playing golf

Whereas in a golf match, handicaps even the playing field, and you can get down to some serious competition. And if you’re a novice too, you can save money by taking lessons together – as a way of bonding.

7) Business is done on the golf course

If your masterplan for your offspring to become a multi-millionaire Masters winner doesn’t come to fruition, you can always fall back on the fact that more deals are done on the golf course than they are in a lot of offices.


Some corporations actually make golf lessons mandatory. So, if your child constantly shanks their shots into the rough, just remember that one day, it will help them bond with the boss and broker a deal. On the other hand, two-footing the board of directors definitely won’t lead to any promotions.

8) You get more credit if they make it

When a footballer gets an international call-up, everyone wants to find out what their academy coach saw in them as a youngster - because that’s who’s seen as responsible for developing their talent.


As golf is more of a niche sport, fans tend to assume that the parents played a key role in shaping the career path of a top golfer. And while we’re sure you’d just be happy to see your junior Tiger make it to the top, it surely it can’t hurt to get a pat on the back from a national newspaper or two? 

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