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A Great Family Day Out at Topgolf

A Great Family Day Out at Topgolf

When it comes to a day out with the family, Topgolf is as good as it gets. With special deals on offer, delicious food and drink on the table, and games kids and parents can all enjoy together, this is one family gathering you won’t have any excuse for missing. Here are our top five reasons why we’re the place to go for your family bonding time:

1) Really special family offers

All families are different, so why would we offer the same experience to everybody? Whether you guys like to get up and get going early in the morning or have a lay-in and save the best for the evening, there’s an offer available for you.


You can get twice as many games for the same price with our buy-one-get-one-free deal before 11am on every day of the week – and now on Sundays from 8pm to 10pm if you don’t fancy getting up as early. If you’re feeling peckish, you can take advantage of our After School Club offer, where kids get a meal, a drink and a game for the outrageous price of £7.50 – and the adults can join in for £12 each. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, pop in during the school holidays for our ever popular Eat, Drink, Play package, which entitles kids to a meal, drink and 2 games for a tenner, and £16 for adults.

2) Activities adults and children can enjoy together

Let’s be honest, any time spent with the kids is a privilege but how much do you really enjoy watching “Frozen” back to back for 48 hours straight? Luckily for you, parents will be just as addicted to Topgolf as kids.


With our targets strategically placed across our range, the player who hits it furthest won’t necessarily win the game. In fact, the hotspots are located so that even if you can’t play golf at all, you could still rack up a high score. It makes a nice change from having to let the kids win all the time, to actually competing with the the little monsters.

3) Everyone’s favorite food on the menu

For the kids, Topgolf is a chance to dive in and enjoy the treat of a burger, mac and cheese or any of our other junior options. For adults, why not take a tasty trip down memory lane?


Our fish finger wrap with tartare sauce is nostalgia with added flavour, as are our three flavours of chicken wings. If you fancy something more contemporary, take your pick from a choice of salads or sample our delicious hoisin duck wrap.

4) The best place to watch live sport

“When’s it our turn?” is something every parent dreads to hear. Thanks to Topgolf’s live sport offering, the whole family can enjoy the day’s football, rugby, cricket or tennis while waiting for a bay.


Our screens are placed throughout the venue so that there’s nowhere you can stand without a crystal clear view of HD sport. If you want the full Topgolf experience, time your visit so that you can enjoy a live game before you play.

5) Improve your Topgolf score next time

They say that in golf, players compete against themselves – and the same is true for Topgolf. Thanks to our personalised dashboard, everyone can login and track their previous scores against current performance so you can see how you can up your game the next time around.


Thanks to the dashboard, you and the kids can see just how much you’ve improved throughout your journey with Topgolf; even those who finish behind the group golfer can enjoy watching their progress build.

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