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A New Way to Network

A New Way to Network

We’ve all had bad networking experiences. Whether the company is boring, the venue is drab or the food is flavourless, business networking can feel more like a pointless chore than a fun, useful way to hobnob – whether we’re talking external events or just after-work drinks on a Friday.

Fortunately, Topgolf is open all year-round for networking, from our casual business club offer to corporate team bonding events and official networking nights. No matter what kind of social business evening you’re looking for; here’s what you can expect from a unique networking experience at Topgolf:

1) Great Food

Forget standard fry-ups (although we do a pretty delicious English breakfast of our own) and predictable sandwich buffets, we have a whole range of spectacular dishes for every palette. Topgolf is everyone’s game and there’s a meal for every occasion too.

Finger food? We’ve got tasty chicken wings in three different varieties, from Korean to Buffalo. Something chunky? Our Mexican burger is the treat for you – and don’t forget to ask for chilli-cheese fries. And if you’ve a sweet tooth, look no further than our sharer churros. If you’re just popping in for a quick game as a Business Club member grab something from our lunch menu. Of course, there’ll be no visits to a “tea and coffee table”; at Topgolf, you can expect table service from our first-class team of associates.

2) A venue designed for socialising

Every business networker is a veteran of soulless hotel lobbies and dreadfully dull “function rooms”. Well, wave goodbye to those characterless locations; Topgolf was built to bring people together.

Grab a drink at the bar, share a booth while enjoying nachos-for-two and if the ice still isn’t broken, laugh together at your swings when you get out onto the bays. We’ve all made contacts at networking but at Topgolf you’ll make friends – and memories that matter in a venue that will have everyone umming and aahing while you hand out your cards.

3) Games you want to play

After our presentation in our tee-room, you’ll have the opportunity to try out our games with your fellow networkers/colleagues.

Most of our guests aren’t golfers but quickly become addicted to the fun, novel nature of Topgolf, TopBreak and TopPressure. And if you are a dab hand with a nine iron, you’ll have the chance to fly to the top of our leaderboard and aim to beat your personal best score next time you visit. And no matter what your ability, you can book a trained PGA Golf Professional to improve your point-scoring. It beats playing “Who am I”, right?

4) Reasons to stay in the venue afterwards

Topgolf is a multi-faceted night out; while the Tee-room is excellent for mingling and playing our games is a great ice-breaker at a business night, there’s a whole lot else you can experience.

From watching live sport on our giant screen, to partying with live DJs and cocktails, our business guests find it hard to drag themselves away from our venue. Whether they just wanted a quiet after work drink or a quick game of Topgolf to start their evening, people come to Topgolf to try our games but end up staying for the atmosphere.

You might even find yourself calling your friends to join you.

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