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Bay-Sharing Could Be Your New Favourite Thing

Bay-Sharing Could Be Your New Favourite Thing

We’re thinking of encouraging different groups in our queue to pair up, play and have a party in the same bay. So if there’s three of you and three of them, you can join together for double the fun. Sharing Topgolf Bays could become your favorite new queue-hopping trick, here’s why:

    1) Combine groups and you’ll be playing in no time

…while you point and laugh at your new friends

Sampling our nachos and cocktails before your game is all well and delicious but what if you’re a group that likes to drink while you swing? If you’re brave enough to make the introductions, a bay-sharing feature would have you sipping, slicing and giggling in no time.

    2) Make new mates

That moment you get the text to say your shared bay is ready.

A night out with your best mates is great – but making new friends while you do it is even better. You could pick who you want to pair up with when our associates give you the option, and you’d be accepting requests from other groups too. Of course, nobody is going to make you join forces with anybody you don’t feel you match well with – you guys get to survey the field first. Which brings us to the fact that…

    3) If you have a bad game, you don’t ever need to see those guys again

Especially if they're rubbing it in like this guy.

Shared with a serious gang of golfers while your clique just wanted to slice a few shots and laugh at each other? Perhaps they were the life of the party and you just fancied a low-key night out? Perhaps they literally stunk – whatever; once the game is over, you can bid farewell to the party-poopers and choose more wisely next time.

    3) Competitive Bonding Boost

Topgolf friends!

There’s nothing that brings people together better than a little quirky competition. Rather than playing against each other, you and your mates can join forces and throw out a friendly challenge to your new pals. Whether it’s Topbreak or Topchip, you’ll be bonding in no time as you attempt to outdo your bay partners.

So, are you up for bay-sharing? Let us know in the comments section!

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