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Christmas Traditions at Topgolf

Christmas Traditions at Topgolf

Book a bay to skip the queue this Christmas

Christmas is all about traditions; from turkey-carving to present-opening and minor family fall-outs over trivial pursuit, much festive fun is found in the much-loved customs we relive each and every year.

But Christmas is about looking forward as well as back; if it were not for new traditions, we’d all still be celebrating with the satsuma and lump of coal your Dad pretends he used to get from Father Christmas.

Here’s how you can make the most of Topgolf this Christmas - and perhaps create a new tradition moving forward.

1) Topgolf Gift Card

Ok, this is kind of part of an existing tradition: the last minute shop.

balls not included

But we’re pretty sure you could purchase this for every member of the family; from younger siblings who have never played golf before to your grandparents who would love a fun, communal day out. A Boxing Day visit to Topgolf on you could be the annual family competition you never realised you needed in your lives.

2) Make Topgolf the last leg of the pub crawl

We’re pretty sure that Christmas pub crawls weren’t de rigueur in 100AD Bethlehem, which just goes to show that new adventures are vital to making the most of the holidays.

Us trying to find your shot

And what better place to cap-off a high-jinks crawl then Topgolf? You want to finish the day/night with a bang, not with a bitter flop at a moody old-man pub. So head down to Topgolf and all together now, “five hamburgers, four jagerbombs, three shanked shots…”

3) Start New Year’s Eve with us

Be honest; New Year’s is often a disappointment. And if you’re the planner, you’re already nervous things won’t work out this year.

You can watch this on a nightclub TV for £50 and a four-hour queue

Fortunately, we’re here to be your safety net. While we do shut at 5pm on the 31 st, we’re open from the morning. Even if your final destination is a let-down, everybody will remember that you had the great idea of starting out at Topgolf.

4) Alternative Christmas for those you might miss

Many of us don’t get to see all our loved ones on Christmas Days; whether choosing between parental households or spending the day without romantic partners, pretty much everyone knows what it’s like to be without your full set of favorite people on the 25 th.

You and your family graciously accepting a Topgolf award

That’s why setting a day out as an “alternative Christmas” has become so popular – and what better way to spend it then at Topgolf? The uniqueness of the event will mean there’s no need to compare the day to “proper” Christmas – and there’ll still be time for presents once you’ve laughed your merry way through the games in your favorite Rudolph sweater. Plus, no cooking or washing up required.

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