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Four Reasons Why Women Are Better Golfers Than Men

Four Reasons Why Women Are Better Golfers Than Men

It wasn’t so long ago that women were banned from the golf course entirely. Nowadays of course, the majority of golf clubs have the good sense to welcome women.

Your Dad secretly thinks he can out-drive this woman. (Michelle Wie by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

But women aren’t here just to take part – they’re here to take over. We believe that women are not only every bit as good as men at golf, but actually have several advantages over their male counterparts, such as…

1) Superior multi-tasking skills

Rare footage of a man seen multi-tasking. (caffeinating, calculating, computerating by Ryan Richie Is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.)

Yes, it’s a cliché, but all clichés stem from a truth. Pretty much every study ever conducted on multi-tasking has found that yes, women are better at performing several tasks at once than men, whose testing scores are always significantly lower.

And on the golf course, multi-tasking is essential. You have to map out and adapt your overall strategy, calculate risk and reward, manage power and direction, work out your score, and try not to throw your club in your frustration.

It’s almost as though golf was designed for women.

2) They have advanced learning ability

Academics have found that when it comes to completing schoolwork, learning at University and mastering languages, women are superior. And at Topgolf, we’ve seen many a young man confidently offer his girlfriend/female friends some gentlemanly advice on how to properly strike a golf ball, only to slice his own shot at a ninety-degree angle into the side-netting. The young man generally reacts to this by blaming his clubs, the tee or the golf-mat- and then continuing to provide his insight on how to hit the perfect drive.

Your Dad telling Michelle Wie how to play golf (Photo is licenced under CC0 Public Domain .)

Whereas we’ve noticed that women in comparison, rarely step forward to offer advice to their male company unless it’s asked for, and the women in our female golf lessons are extremely attentive listeners. We have no idea why this is – it’s just an observation. One thing we do know is that the learners, male or female, improve their game a hell of a lot quicker than those who think they know everything.

3) They are more flexible

Bear with us, this picture of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles will become relevant (Photo by Agência Brasil Fotografias is licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

We see some very dubious attempts to hit the ball long distances at Topgolf, most notably swinging the club as fast as humanly possible. Strength can of course be a natural advantage but lifting heavy weights will stiffen you up, rather than help you strike fluidly through the ball.

One physical asset that without doubt aids in striking the ball clean and far, is flexibility. Distance in golf stems not from swinging as hard as you can, but remaining supple and relaxed, allowing the golf club to accelerate naturally with a “whipping” motion while remaining balanced. As women generally are more flexible, they have a natural advantage when it comes to achieving a fast, fluid swing.

So, guys; instead of lifting those heavy dumb-bells, get yourself into some spandex and head down to the nearest gymnastics lesson.

4) Women handle stress better than men

Mark Twain once described golf as “a good walk ruined,” and many a golfer would empathize with him. Golf can be an incredibly rewarding sport, but every course is a minefield of stressors that could be triggered at any moment. From freakishly unlucky bounces to smug playing partners who can’t help but comment every time you miss the fairway, there’s a whole host of factors that could result in your brand-new, expensive nine iron being hurled angrily into a water feature.

This goes back to that club-throwing we mentioned earlier. (Photo by Tech. Sgt. Ted Daigle (released))

Scientists have consistently found that females across different species are able to deal with pressure more effectively than males during challenges, due to the stress-blocking properties of the oestrogen hormone. Which means that when the going gets tough on the golf course, women don’t need to get going – they simply focus on the task at hand without becoming too frustrated.

Not only does this mean they don’t have to snorkel up and take a dip in the course lake to retrieve their clubs, but they stay loose and relaxed, thus allowing them to swing freely and concentrate on their game.

Putting it into practice

At Topgolf, of course.

So, if women are naturally better golfers than men, how can you beat your male mates at Topgolf? We suggest choosing a game of Topchip where players rely on skill and direction, rather than scoring with long-distance shots. If possible, order a meal to your bay – so you can add eating and drinking to the already tricky list of multi-tasks he has to deal with.

Hack the System: Beat Your Mates at Topgolf

From there, it’s a simple case of keeping your cool while your male mates stress out over the fact they can’t blow you away with long drives.

If you want to improve your game further, Topgolf offers sociable group lessons for all-female groups, or private golf lessons to those looking for one-on-one attention. 

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