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Hack the system: How to Complete TopPressure

Hack the system: How to Complete TopPressure

You might not be aware of all the games you can play at Topgolf. One of the hidden gems you can enjoy with your mates is TopPressure, where players aim to hit the ball into all nine sections of our yellow targets. Close out the first level, then see point values multiply during levels two and three. Be careful not to hit the same section twice - or you'll lose points.

Completing TopPressure is a challenging task but there’s a few hidden tricks you can employ to get one up over your mates and most importantly, get past the first round. Check out this throwback to see what the fuss is about.

1) Use both yellow targets

A lot of our guests aren’t aware of TopPressure at all, and even fewer know that you can use both yellow targets to complete each level.

Feel free to shank or slice

That means that you can situate yourself between both spots and rather than having to fade or swerve a shot dead into the far side of each target to score points, you can happily chip into the segments on each inside edge.

2) Choose the upper deck

Not only is it easier to gain height and chip into the rear sections from up top but the different sections are much easier to view, with yellow dividers marking each section.

Keep your eagle eyes on the prize

Obviously all players will be playing to this same advantage but if your top score is going up, does it really matter what anyone else is up to? As Conor Mcgregor would say, winners focus on history – not other competitors.

And yes, I consider beating my TopPressure personal best as a momentous historical occasion, up there with the Fall of the Berlin Wall and that time Luka Modric scored a header while lying on the floor.

3) Act your range

The best player in any sport isn’t necessarily destined to win when it comes to crunch time. And just like Claudio Ranieri turned Danny Drinkwater and Wes Morgan into Premier League champions, you can squeeze the most out of your limited ability and chip your way to TopPressure glory. 

I still don’t know how this happened.

LCFC lift the Premier League trophy by Peter Woodentop is licenced under CC 2.0

If you’re not quite capable of hitting a pitching wedge cleanly enough to land in the rear sections, just use the PW for the nearest numbers and use a nine iron for the back. This way, you won’t have to change the same easy swing that will land a wedge in the front of the yellow – the 9 iron’s power and loft will carry the ball to the rear.

4) Consistency is key

Some sportspeople are so skilled, they can hit the target with precision and accuracy every time without fail. Think Lionel Messi chipping into the gap just beyond the keep’s outstretched hand, or Glen Mcgrath hitting the top of the off stump six times every over.

Other players aren’t so accurate. Think Charlie Adam fluking shots into the opposite top corner he was aiming for, or Moussa Sissoko accidentally tripping his way past three consecutive tackles.

And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Sissoko training with France during Euro 2016 by Kam Headley is licenced under CC 2.0

Similar to acting your range, you have to accept how accurate you are to win at Top Pressure. If you’re a dab hand at chipping, feel confident in aiming for each section in turn. If however, you’re a Topgolf beginner, don’t feel you have to play the purist’s game. Instead, aim for the centre of each target and let your hooks, fades and slices land across the target and send you flying chaotically up the leaderboard.

To see what happens when you get to level three, look no further than this masterclass from Topgolf Head of Golf, Paul Williams.

If you want to complete TopPressure or outscore your mates when you visit, make sure to book a lesson with a Topgolf Pro.

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